Have you been wondering why there are suddenly men with moustaches everywhere you look?

This is probably because November is the month of the Movember charity event, a month long event where men grow out their moustaches in support of mens health.


Movember is the event in November where men (“Mo Bros”) around the world grow out their best moustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and other mens health issues.

The Movember Foundation was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2004 by a group of 30 men who grew a moustache for 30 days to raise awareness of men health problems like cancer, and depression.


By 2007 the idea had spread to South Africa, Europe, and the America’s and now runs official campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

The charity has raised $174 million worldwide, and as of 2011 Canadians were the largest contributors to the Movember charities of any nation.

Women in Movember

“Mo sistas” are also an important part of the Movember charity.

Some women don’t shave their legs and armpits, or stop waxing their eyebrows during the month of November.

Many women are supportive of their unshaven men, and have fun with mustaches of their own. girls have fun with mustaches of our own for Movember

Women can also have their own team on and raise funds for the Movember charity event.

Women play a large role in encouraging men to get prostate cancer checks, and to be proactive about their health. (Majority of men said they only got a check up after their leading ladies asked them to) Furthermore, women are great organizers, and can really rally support.

In the U.K. some women have decided to get permanent moustache tattoo’s on their fingers for the cause. But,  you can just draw them on your fingers if you don’t love tattoo’s but love the cause. 🙂

“Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” can make a difference together 🙂


There are five rules for Movember.

1. Must begin on Movember 1st with clean shaven face, and register with

2. For the entire month you must grow and groom your mustache

3. No side burns (thats a beard)

4. No joining of handlebars to your chin

5. Must act like a true gentleman

Czech Republics Movember

Funds raised in the Czech Republic will be allocated to MUŽI PROTI RAKOVINĚ. An organization that aims to fight prostate cancer and funds specialized programs for the fight against cancer.

You can make a donation for the Czech Republics Movember, or to your countries Movember initiative. You can find links to your countries donation page on their general website.

Learn how to grow a perfect mustache.

Many options for a Movember Moustache

What are your thoughts on Movember? Do you think its an effective charitable event? Have you heard of Movember before, and are you participating? 🙂

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