Meet a Master Multitasker: the Relocation Consultant Zdeněk from our Pilsen office

Juggling between work and social life can be hard sometimes, we all know that. Our colleague Zdeněk has the game quite figured out: he´s now working on getting his Master´s degree in International Relations in the West-Bohemia University, doing 1-year research for the University as well, has an internship at the Institue of International Relations in Prague, working full-time for Foreigners as a Relocation Consultant and still manage to have enough time for his family, girlfriend, friends and travelling the world. Let´s get to know him a little better!

When did you join Foreigners and why did you choose us?

I joined Foreigners in June 2018 when looking for new opportunities and job. The main reason why choosing Foreigners was that RC position seemed to be sort of flexible and moreover, thus, I could use English which I was striving for. In other words, I really did not know what to expect from the RC position at all. This fact needed to be explored later on.

So what is the RC (Relocation Consultant) position about? How does your typical workday look like?

RC position deals with the flat search for our clients in the given town or in nearby areas. Nevertheless, I do not search only for flats but also for houses or non-residential premises. My typical day looks like I come to our office in the core of the city center at 10am. Afterward, I try to get all the paperwork and emails done until 2pm. Then I have got visits with clients or I have a meeting with new or our current landlords up to 6pm. However, every day is very much unique and surprises me with new challenges!

Have you ever lived abroad before?

Yes, I have. I spent half a year in the Western Balkans, especially in Ljubljana at its university. Besides that, I’ve spent considerably a lot of time in Spain given the family matters. In light of the foreign experience, I have a better understanding of different cultures and I do believe these experiences made me be a better person.

Zdeněk and his classmates at the University in Budapest

What do you find most challenging about your job?

The RC position is challenging itself. Each client is different and has different expectations. The same goes for landlords. Given these facts, I am supposed to negotiate a lot and the art of diplomacy is inevitable. With this in mind, this job cannot be boring or monotonous. Therefore, I pursue that the challenge here is something like never-ending learning.

You´re not originally from Pilsen, right?

No, I am not. I am originally coming from South Bohemia.

So why did you move to Pilsen?

I moved here in order to study at the University of West Bohemia.

Do you like living here? What are your favorite places in Pilsen?

Yes, I do. Pilsen is not even small or big. Everything is close. Definitely, it is not an overcrowded place. Regarding my favorite places, I would mention the square Náměstí Republiky and the restaurants nearby. But my favorite places at all are café Družba or Regner.

What do you like to do when you´re not working or studying?

Firstly, my free time is very limited so I like spending it with my girlfriend. Furthermore, I like traveling abroad or in the Czech Republic. Afterward, I like going to the gym.

Zdeněk and his girlfriend Nerea in Jerusalem

What are your personal and career goals for the future?

I wish I would have known it 🙂 But definitely keep learning new things around me and be happy.


Well said! We are happy to have you on our team 🙂

Nicole Hulinská

Hello readers! My name is Nicole and I am working for Foreigners Pilsen. Besides my job, I love dancing, good food and traveling. Even though I am a Czech native, I have been living in the US for a while, so I know the struggle of being a foreigner, that's why I hope I will make your life easier by some of the posts. Enjoy!

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