Medieval experience in Brno

Have you heard of Středověká Krčma Brno? It is a medieval restaurant in Svobody square. The restaurant was created by Jakub Ulicnik and his wife a few years ago. The concept of this restaurant is to offer a complete atmosphere of a middle Age tavern. Indeed, if you’ve never been inside, the decoration and the waiters’ costumes are inspired from the medieval period. To  add more authenticity, the restaurant only serve medieval Czech food and use only medieval inspired  plates and forks. Plus, they use the old currency the Taller: 1 Taller = 1 CZK.

Jakub Ulicnik

For those who recognized the restaurant name, you probably went to the first restaurant they opened in Ceska Street. But it closed because, the building where it was settled was about to be renovated. I would say, it’s a bad for a good thing because the new restaurant location offers more visibility.

Basement of the restaurant
where you can eat also

As an expat, I wanted to know  if the waiters spoke several foreign languages. I have been told that they speak English, but also German, Italian and Portuguese. And what about beer? Indeed we all know that a good restaurant without a good beer is not a good Czech restaurant! Středověká Krčma Brno does not produce its own beer but has a good selection of retailers that can provide them all they want. They offer to the clients four different kind of beer including three made of blueberries. The restaurant specialty is the Korma beer, very appreciated from the clients. In the drink menu of this restaurant, you’ll find beer (hot or cold) made of mead. There are three flavor offered cherry, almond and herbal (which is the classic one). As I told you before, the menu is only made of medieval Czech food. They serve meal made of wild meat for example or something they call the Royal Feast. Which can be associated to a buffet of meat. This special meal is served only when a huge amount of people (15 persons or more) reserve a table or want to celebrate something; usually, you have to order it a few days before. One more thing about food, they serve for each dish a good portion of food (about 500 g per person!) or you can order a half of a turkey for two persons. The menu is translated in English, German and Italian. But I have been told that the English menu was the most used. They don’t have any special menu for the winter period but occasionally, they offer some type of menu for some celebrations. The restaurant offers a really good range of price for clients. You can have a Goulash for 45 CZK or a salmon steak with source of wine with potatoes for 290 CZK. For animal lovers, you can enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner and bring your dog with you. Indeed, the restaurant offers a menu for your favorite animal for only 60 CZK. The restaurant clients are 20 to 30% of foreigners during the year but during the high season the percentage is higher, about 50%. As we never leave an interview without trying the restaurant specialty, I tried one of the beers made of mead. Honestly I could not say which flavor it was but I can that it was delicious! Very sweet but you could still feel the alcohol. So non beer lovers like me, I think that I found something for you.

Beer made of Mead

I really recommend this place, because with a small restaurant budget you can still enjoy a good meal with your friends and family. I recommend the restaurant especially  during the winter to plenty enjoy the medieval experience. So will you plan going there?

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