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Rent in Prague

Average monthly rent in Prague is between 15’000 – 20’000 CZK (40-60 m2 apartment). The price depends on the location, condition of the apartment (furnished or not, renovated or not). The most expensive districts are Prague 1 – Old Town, Mala Strana and Prague 2 – Vinohrady. Some luxury apartments can cost 100’000 CZK / month. Below, check out some examples of the apartments from database. Click on the picture to read a detailed description.

1-bedroom apartment in Prague 5
1-bedroom apartment in Prague 5, 16.000 CZK




2-bedroom apartment for rent in Prague 3
2-bedroom apartment for rent in Prague 3, 23 800 CZK
1-bedroom apartment in Prague 2, Vinohrady
1-bedroom apartment in Prague 2, Vinohrady, 36 100 CZK

What utility payments consist of?

  • Energies. Energy deposits are usually paid monthly and in June-July your consumption is evaluated, and so is your monthly deposit amount. Average monthly payment is around 600 CZK for a household of two. This doesn’t apply on cases, when your lights are on even in a daytime 🙂
  • Hot and cold water, heating. This is also calculated individually, based on how big your household is and how many people live there. The deposits are paid monthly, based on last year’s usage – in your case, based on the usage of the last tenant. The price can vary greatly, starting from 1500 CZK till 5000 CZK. However, this payment is already included into monthly rent or it’s part of utilities’ charges.
  • Gas. Usually paid quarterly, if you only use a gas cooker, the price should be aproximately 500 CZK per 3 months. However, the price can be exponentially higher, if for example your water heater and heating both work on gas. In this case, monthly payments could be 1’000-4’000 CZK (per month) according to the size of the apartment.

internet provider

Internet connection

There are 2 main Internet providers in Prague: O2 and UPC. However, they do not cover 100% of the city. So in some cases, you might use mobile Internet in your apartment, which is also provided by these 2 companies, as well as the main phone providers, like T-Mobile and Vodafone. Prices do not differ too much, and your monthly payments should be around 500 CZK. help is priceless

In case you got your apartment from, be sure you’ll be covered along the way! Not only during the viewing process, through contract signing, but also throughout your stay in the apartment. We only work with reliable landlords, and our cooperations last for years. We’re a so called mediator between you and the landlord, helping you solve any situations, there will occur during your stay. Our help is priceless!

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