Kateřina Tesařová – Brno Office Coordinator

Kateřina Tesařová
Kateřina Tesařová

What do you do at Foreigners.cz?

I am the Office Coordinator and Expat & Immigration Consultant of the Brno branch office and I am also the first person who you will get in contact with. I forward your requirement about accommodation to the most suitable relocation consultant, I help you with immigration, administration, nostrification, transportation, translations etc….and if needed I can even feed your pets! 🙂

When did you start working at the agency? How do you remember your first days?

I started working since June/July 2014. When I arrived everybody was really helpful and quickly showed me the ropes of the job.

What part of your job is your favourite?

My favourite part of my job is when I can help our customers and solve their problems. The smile is worth then thousands of words.

And the least favourite?

I hate fighting with Czech bureaucracy.

What did you actually want to become when you were a child?

I wanted to become a veterinary…before fainting at the sight of blood at the veterinary.

Where are you from? Have you ever lived outside the Czech Republic?

I was born in Brno and I have lived here almost my whole life. I lived twice in Lithuania during my studies.

What is your favourite country? Why?

I like every country I have visited in my life. If I have to mention one which I like the most I really like Lithuania, because I consider it as my motherland.

What is your favourite spot in Brno?

Outside – it is Schodová street. It is not a street, it is only stairs. You can sit there and watch Lužánky park. I love it! Inside – It is my favourite café „V Melounovém cukru“ which is named by the book written by my favourite writer. The best coffee and cakes in Brno!

Can you share a funny story from your workplace?

The funniest moment I had while working for Foreigners.cz is when one of our customer brought us a turtle in the office with the task to feed it and take care of it. P.S. Turtle handling is not part of our standard services 🙂

What do you like to do outside the office?

My biggest hobby is to travel and meet with new culture. I also like to cook all kind of international cuisine, do yoga and as every women I like to do shopping.

Is there anything you absolutely cannot live without?

Definitely sugar!

Is there a language that you haven’t learned but you would love to do so?

I have studied languages I want to learn. Maybe I would like to learn Japanese, because I am a big fan of sushi and I would like to learn in Japan with real sushi masters 🙂

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

I get extremly angry when our customers fill out their name data only by their first letter 😀