and Brno January Meet Up!

The first Meet Up of 2013 was full of eating, drinking, meeting new people, networking, and having a good time with good friends.

The Meet Up was at Zlatá Veverka or the “Golden Squirrel” – this place is overall a great. The owner and management are kind, generous, and welcoming. The venue was separated by smoking and non-smoking sections, and it was nice to be able to satisfy both preferences.

Real World Press & The Quiz

For January’s Meet Up we partnered with Real World Press publishing company & provided a short quiz for those who were interested. The questions of the quiz were thematically related to the novel Rustic Baroque by contemporary Czech author Jiří Hájíček, but the quiz tested your knowledge on Czech history.

Real World Press recently published an English version of the novel, which was translated by a Gale A. Kirking, who was there to present the results and correct answers of the quiz. Real World Press also awarded a copy of the book to two lucky winners who were chosen from the quiz participants.  However, none of the quizzes submitted were 100% correct.

1st winner of the English-copy of Rustic Baroque novel.

Pilsner Urquell Beer Master & A Beer Competition 

The fun didn’t stop with a Czech novel and a quiz. There was also a beer drinking competition.

Zlatá Veverka arranged to have Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender, Emil Fedák, there to pour all of ours drafts to perfection. The Master Bartender also made things are little more interesting by proposing a challenge: chugging 1 liter of beer.

There were two rounds with 5 competitors in each round.  The contest was simple; each competitor was served 1 liter of beer, and who ever finished it the fastest, was the champion. The overall winner of the competition finished his beer in 14 seconds. While most of the other competitors struggled to finish their liter within a minute, if they finished at all.

First round 🙂

I competed in the second round (the only girl 😉 ). When I initially heard about the competition, I was ecstatic. I definitely wanted to be a competitor, but at that point I was thinking it would be a regular .5 liter pivo. I was a little concerned when I realized it was an entire liter, but not deterred. I gave it my best effort, and for that, I was awarded a beer-drinking DIPLOMA. It really was a challenge, and I give my respect to all competitors.

One winner received Zlatá Veverka apparel, two winners were awarded a diploma, three contestants received a lesson in draft pouring from the Master himself, the top four contestants received a beer mug, and every contestant received a free beer! 🙂

Competition winners, prizes, and Zlata Veverka’s owner. 🙂

The Meet Up was an enjoyable and memorable evening. It is great to have a monthly event that you can count on being a good time. It’s the perfect occasion to see the people you have gotten to know at the past Meet Ups, and to welcome the new comers. We always try to have a fun and interactive ice breaker game, as well as plan some special events, prizes, etc. Its just something additional that makes the Meet Up such a fun night.

Check out all of the photos from January’s Meet Up

If you have any recommendations for the Meet Ups,  (venue, games, prizes, smoking preference, organization, etc.) Please don’t hesitate to comment or let us know. 🙂

I’m already looking forward to February’s Meet Up – See you there! 🙂

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