Ivana Gluchmanová – Brno Senior Relocation Consultant

Ivana Gluchmanová
Ivana Gluchmanová

What do you do at Foreigners.cz?

I am a Brno Senior Relocation Consultant . I help people find suitable accommodation and I help them with any kind of trouble related to their new place.

When did you start working at the agency? How do you remember your first days?

I started working at Foreigners.cz in June 2014. The first days were excting, confusing and eyes-opening!

What part of your job is your favourite?

The part when you and your client find an ideal apartment and you can see that he/she is really happy in there. It is kinda satisfying 🙂

And the least favourite?

Lets say nothing 🙂

What did you actually want to become when you were a child?

Well a lot of things, I started with nurse (like my mom) then vet, journalist, writer (this desire still lasts) and so on…

Where are you from? Have you ever lived outside the Czech Republic?

Prešov, Slovakia. I lived there for 20 years (it is outside CZ) and in England for a few months.

What is your favourite country? Why?

I love Italy, Slovakia and world in general 😀

What is your favourite spot in Brno?

My flat 😀 no I dont have a favourite spot, but the view on Brno from Bila hora is wonderful!

Can you share a funny story from your workplace?

It is not exactly a funny story but sometimes when we are overwhelmed by work we do short yoga breaks on the floor of our office. Still waiting if somebody will enter the door in the right time 😀

What do you like to do outside the office?

I love to read, hanging out, spending time with my fiancee and so on

Is there anything you absolutely cannot live without?

Basic stuff, breathing, water, sleeping.. I am not very demanding 🙂

Is there a language that you haven’t learned but you would love to do so?

I havent learned German beacuse I dont like it but I will probably learn it in future. And many others, I love languages I have kinda polyglotic desires 😀