Internet providers in CZ

The largest provider of Internet in the Czech Republic is UPC. They have the most competitive prices and fastest connection. is in collaboration with UPC so that we can bring you the best service, and have your connection arranged at no extra cost. Sometimes we can even get you better deals and quicker installation. You can also get digital TV with some international channels to stay better connected check it here. In case UPC is not available at your location, we will negotiate with other providers (O2, Netbox) to get the best deal for you!

Other internet providers in Czech Republic:

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3 thoughts on “Internet providers in CZ

  1. Dont use o2 as they have very poor service and even worse customer service standard .. expect 10 day call backs for technical and actually no call back at all even after 30 days

    1. O2 is the company from hell
      What ever you do, no NOT use them.
      Internet comes and goes totally randomly
      Litherary NO customer support

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