InterNations Prague March Event

Tuesday 19th of March, we went to an InterNations event, that took place at the 360° Bar & Lounge, in Prague 1. This event is organized in order to help foreigners network professionally and personally over a few drinks.

The 360° Bar & Lounge outside

An online community

The organization of this collective “rendezvous” is done primarily on Internet, via the InterNations website. Only the community members can register for events. You can become a community member by signing up and simply choosing the account type that suits you.

There are 2 kinds of accounts: the basic account (free) and the Albatross account (monthly fee of approximately 125 CZK/month). The Albatross status permits you to make the most of the options available on the website and gain access to discounts at these community events. You can try it on InterNations Website.

Become a Albatross Member

A multitude of ambassadors

So, we have met up with about 200 people, who came to share their experience in the Czech Republic, and also grow their professional network.

When you arrive at the event, some tables are set up at the entrance to welcome the “new comers”. This set up enables new comers to meet much more quickly than usual.

People from many nations were there, from USA to Russia, including Venezuela and India, each member becoming his own country’s ambassador.

Photo set of the bar

Our impressions

This kind of event definitely creates a lot of relations between foreigners, who may meet each other again in another context or at the next InterNation event.

We have also noticed that the majority of the attendees were between 30 and 60 years old. There were few students or “young” people. It is then possible to conclude that this type of event gathers essentially business people.

A photographer is also present during the night, which is great so that you can remember the evening, and find yourself in some great photos.

Meet people with a drink

We sincerely recommend this kind of event in order to meet new people and share your experience in your new country.

Don’t hesitate to go to our Facebook page or our blog, to be informed about similar events, such as our monthly MeetUps.


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