How to Get a Mortgage in the Czech Republic?

#LifeInCzechia Securing a mortgage as a foreigner in the Czech Republic can be challenging but it is possible. This guide provides essential steps, from understanding eligibility requirements and navigating local banking options to preparing necessary documentation, helping you successfully finance your dream property in the Czech Republic. Keep reading!


What is creditworthiness?



Type of residence

As a foreigner interested in buying a property in the Czech Republic, it is crucial to be a resident here.


Temporary residency

In terms of mortgage, temporary residence is only sufficient for EU citizens. Be aware, that only some banks accept this type of residency and they usually have stricter criteria.


Permanent residency:

For third-country nationals, it is necessary to be a permanent resident. Also, your country of origin matters. There is a list of high-risk countries including Thailand, SAE, Nepal, Argentina, Morocco, Albania, and Kenia. Coming from a high-risk country doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage; it just means the criteria are stricter, and you may qualify for a smaller loan amount.


As an EU citizen, you can benefit from permanent residency by having more banks to choose from.


Did you know?

If you have Czech citizenship, we have some great news! As a citizen, Czech banks consider you the same way as Czech nationals and the country of your origin plays no role.



To obtain a mortgage, you need to be of legal age – a minimum of 18 years old. Note that there is also a maximum age limit that varies from bank to bank. In general, you can’t get a mortgage after you retire.


Credit Score

Creditworthiness is very important in this process. It is a lender’s assessment of a potential borrower’s ability and willingness to repay debts. The score is based on:


  • Income
  • Type of employment
  • Current loans/credit cards
  • Repayment period
  • Amount requested


Note that any late payments, debts, or the length of your work contract can cause a lower credit score that impacts the amount or even the possibility of getting a mortgage.



Did you know that you can’t get a mortgage that equals 100% of the property value? Depending on your creditworthiness, you can get from 70-85% of the property value, in special cases up to 90%. Make sure you have enough savings to cover the rest of the listing price.



Firstly, you need to prepare documents proving your identity, such as an ID card/residence card, passport and alternatively driving license.

Then you need documents related to your work and income – employment contract, proof of income, tax return (if you are an entrepreneur).

Lastly, prepare paperwork regarding any other loans, leasings, but also savings accounts, or insurance.

It is also important to have a clean criminal record and not be in any debtor registry. 


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