How to dress for GALA Night?

Invitation for GALA Night in your mail box. First thought crossing your mind may have been: What will I wear? No need to get stressed. We all want to dress up and look nice but it doesn’t mean we have to buy the most expensive dress or get a new tuxedo.

We set up 3 advice for those who are hesitating what to wear to the ball.

  • Look through your wardrobe. For sure you have been to a formal event or a prom. If you still fit into the clothes you wore for that occasion take it once again (maybe after you dust it off and clean 🙂 ) .
  • Ask your friend. Visit your friends/colleagues/family (perhaps those of similar build) and try their hidden treasures. You will have large selection and a lot of fun!
  • Go for cheap options. If you insist to wear a new dress/suit try to look at outlets or sale collections. Some tips where to go: Peek & Cloppenburg in Vaňkovka,,

Here some pictures for you.

It doesn’t have to be:


What’s appropriate:



What you should avoid:












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