Hot Wheels Racing in Brno

Last weekend while on a class field trip to Brno I stumbled upon one of the cutest things I have ever seen. While sitting in a beautiful park right next to Hotel Europa, called Park Lužánky, we discovered numerous activities such as people practicing walking on tightropes, people playing soccer with their dogs (those dogs were great soccer players!), and the best activity I saw, children racing small remote control cars. There was an entire racetrack set up, and all of the little kids were running around following their miniature electronic remote controlled car. It was so fun to watch, and everyone involved with the race- the kids, the parents, and other observers, were all enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time. I recommend coming to this park on the weekend, having a picnic, and spending the day relaxing and enjoying the day and nice weather here. The park was truly blissful.

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