Praga Medica: Healthcare Services for Expats in Czechia

If you already reside in the Czech Republic, you may know that the healthcare services rank among the highest in Europe. However, you may not have known that many clinics offer elective treatment for those living abroad.

Many people from abroad (primarily the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Germany) are travelling to Prague for specialised medical treatment. In the 2017 Euro Consumer Health Report, the Czech Republic, ranked 16th, received a score of 726 out of 1000, beating out Spain, Italy, and Ireland. In addition to accessing higher quality healthcare services, people who are coming to the Czech Republic for medical care are experiencing a significant amount in savings for procedures that they cannot afford at home. When utilising a medical tourism facilitator, all of your needs and concerns are taken care of directly.  It’s a convenient way to receive affordable, quality care arranged on your behalf.



What services does Praga Medica offer?

Praga Medica provides a range of high-quality medical surgery procedures including vision correction, infertility treatment, plastic surgery, dentistry, weight loss, and orthopaedic surgery. They are a leading medical facilitator for expats and foreigners who prefer English or German speaking customer care. For over 10 years, they have been arranging elective medical treatment and related services, receiving hundreds of reviews from expat patients locally and abroad.


Why choose Praga Medica?

  • Accredited English/German speaking doctors with international experience
  • European certified clinics with high-tech equipment
  • Free medical consultation
  • Excellent customer care
  • Hundreds of independent reviews and video testimonials

They have over 550 written testimonials, in addition to several video testimonials where you can witness first-hand experience.



“It often happens where someone came to visit a friend, or family member in Prague and while here, went for an elective surgery. I remember one man from the UK who came for dental surgery. In the UK they estimated the cost at €20,000, but with us his out-of-pocket cost was only €5,000, and he also spent a nice holiday in the Czech Republic,“Radim Horak, Marketing Manager of Praga Medica said.  

“People are sometimes worried about services in the Czech Republic. Once they arrive, they are often pleasantly surprised at how much better the services are compared to the UK.  We work with state-of-the-art clinics with experienced doctors,“ Radim Horak added.



So why use a medical facilitator like Praga Medica?  Wouldn’t it be easier to work directly with the clinic?  The answer is simple, you will receive more added benefits at the same price.  When you use Praga Medica, you’ll have someone help you with everything from arranging your appointments, accompanying you to the clinic, and translating when necessary.


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Photos source: Praga Medica archive

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