Getting to Domeq or CTP Park by Public Transport? Do not Panic!

From the 12th of March, both tram stops KOVÁŘSKÁ and SVATOPETRSKÁ are canceled, and LINE 12 is no longer going through Dornych street. This means that everyone who used to travel to work (CTP park) or home (Domeq’s international living units) will need to find a new way to reach the place 🙂

Here is a brief guide so you will not feel lost in the numbers of posters, leaflets, and signs:


One of the easy ways to reach the previous stop called KOVÁŘSKÁ is to continue by tram or bus to ZVONAŘKA and walk from here.

It is 500 meters far away and it takes 5 to 10 minutes by foot. It applies to both directions.

The second option is to go to a stop called ŽELEZNIČNÍ which is just a stone’s throw away from both stops Kovářská and Svatopetrská. In order to get to ŽELEZNIČNÍ, you can use any of the following lines: x12, 40, 48, 50, 63. They all stop at ÚZKÁ STREET – which is the long street at the side of Vaňkovka Gallery. You surely noticed it when going shopping 🙂

You can also come here from the main train station and use the underground shortcut. It applies to both directions.

Another option is to take bus No. 67. This one is my favorite because I do not like changing buses and trams so often! 😀 You can catch this bus anywhere from Moravské náměstí to Hlavní nádraží (Main train station) and continue to the stop called ŠKROBÁRENSKÁ. Meanwhile, you will be introduced to the business park Ponávka 😉 Do not forget to push the button when reaching the right stop, otherwise, you can end up at Avion Shopping park! From Škrobárenská, it takes about 500 meters to Domeq and a few minutes to other companies such as IBM.


Are you trying to reach your workplace or home from the southern part of Brno but you cannot find anything going to the stops KOVÁŘSKÁ or SVATOPETRSKÁ as before?
Go to stops ŽELEZNIČNÍ or ŠKROBÁRENSKÁ instead. There are many lines going there: x12, 40, 50, 63, 48, 64, 67 (Avion shopping center line).

Still feeling confused? 🙂

Maybe, you can forget about all this, go to the App store and download PUBTRAN or IDOS. Then you will need to take the tram at KOVÁŘSKÁ or SVATOPETRSKÁ, or, as an alternative, at ŽELEZNIČNÍ or ŠKROBÁRENSKÁ.

Good luck with moving around Brno and shall you get lost, remember the nice quote saying: “Sometimes when we get lost, we can find ourselves”. It will not solve the problem but will improve your day 😉

Written by Sabina Jelínková.

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