We are rebranding! A Peek Behind the Scenes of our New Visual

#ForeignersTeam After more than 13 years in business, we have decided to change our visual! And we are in love with our new corporate identity! The light green colour was replaced by a more sophisticated dark green. Why did we opt to do this? And what is involved in a change like this? You can read all about this in the following article!


We’ve changed our colors to a more elegant and sophisticated palette.


Why have we decided to rebrand?

Foreigners has been in business for almost 14 years. And during that time, the company grew and matured. It’s expanded into several divisions and our team grew. Our old logo and visual started to slowly but surely feel old-fashioned. We also had situations where our clients couldn’t recognise what our logo actually represented. (Could you have? ;-))


New visual – elegant, playful, professional

Our new visual is more minimalistic. We chose darker, more elegant colour palette. At the same time, we also made sure to include a playful element – the letter F which is stylized through the use of cubes (or bricks). This was the idea of our real estate agent Kateřina Stehnová Strašáková.

The entire rebranding process has taken over 5 months so far. We were quite surprised about what is involved in making a change like this. Moreover, the management (mainly CEO Andrea and CFO Vojta) had to come to an agreement, which can be quite challenging :-).


new logo


What happened to the green?

Don’t worry! We haven’t completely forsaken the green! As you can see, we just went with a different shade for Foreigners Services. This darker, more sophisticated green should also be more pleasant to look up. 

And don’t worry, it is still us! The same services, the same quality, the same client care. We’ve just decided to do a little modernizing after more than 13 years. 🙂 


Other changes we’ve made

As you also may have noticed, we have also merged Brno and Prague accounts on our social media into one. We now only have:

We hope you like the new visual and other changes and that it feels like a smooth transition and natural evolvement to you. Thank you for “moving the world forward” with us!

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