Makes Sense to Me, Says Our New Franchisee in Ostrava

UPD January 2020: The Foreigners’ franchise in Ostrava has been closed. If you need expat services in this region, please, send us an email to Inquires from the Ostrava region are processed by our Olomouc/Brno office.

We proudly announce that our company is ready to help expats in another part of the Czech Republic: the Moravian-Silesian Region. The 6th office of is run by smiling and professionally very well experienced woman.

Our CEO Andrea Tkačuková and the new Office Manager in Ostrava.
Věrka, where are you from?

I come from a small village Baška. It is 5 kilometers far from Frýdek-Místek.

So that’s the place where you live?

I can live anywhere, but there is only one place which is my real home. Our old house with a garden full of trees, bushes, and roses planted by my grandfather and my father. They have been growing for tens of years still in the same place. There I feel my roots – my home. But today I live in Frýdlant and Ostravicí, a small town in the same area.

What did you study?

I studied Business Academy in Frýdek-Místek, then at the Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, and finally MBA at the Liverpool John Moores University.

During my high school studies, I had two summer jobs in companies with foreign executives. My first boss was from Australia and the second one from Italy. I think these experiences directed my future career. Except for 3 years when I had my own business, I worked for a German company called BLANCO Professional CZ. I started as the Sales officer and my last position was the Purchasing Manager.

Our new franchisee in Ostrava loves to travel.
What did you learn by working for a German company?

Thanks to this part of my professional career I know German mentality well. It trained me in three principles: rules, system, and order at the workplace. I know how it is to have charismatic bosses and last but not least it enriched me with a good friend.

Did you work abroad as well?

Yes. I worked as an au-pair in London in 1997. There was atypical weather at those times, I remember. During the very sunny summer, only one rain shower came meanwhile there were floods in the Czech Republic.

Do you like traveling?

I love traveling. My favorite country is Italy. The breathtaking Dolomites as well as the wild South. I love it for the big energy coming from every place. For noisy, cheerful, laughing people, for delicious food and wine, for marvelous sights…

Věra with her husband and their kids.
How did you get to know about and why did you decide to open a franchise in Ostrava?

I read about in the newspaper. All my life I provide services in a different form for other people and I like to experience new mentalities. So makes sense to me.

What are your plans for the franchise?

I would like to put together a stable team of enthusiastic people who will provide professional services for foreigners in the North Moravia and Silesian region.

What foreign nationalities live in this region?

According to the official statistics, there are Slovaks at the top. They work mostly in mining, engineering, and building industry. Thanks to the Hyundai factory and other sub-deliveries companies, there is quite a big minority of Korean people, too.

What can Ostrava offer to foreigners?

Ostrava means to me not only the city but all the North Moravian and Silesian regions. There is plenty of work opportunities as well as lots of fun. Such as famous Stodolní Street, Colours of Ostrava festival, theaters, etc.  Sports oriented people fall in love with the Beskydy region. There is a bicycle path that leads along the river Ostravice from Ostrava right into the heart of the Beskydy mountains.

Ostrava is also well known for its industrial legacy. Tourists nowadays admire an open-air museum Dolní Vítkovice. The site contains many points of interest such as a coal mine, a blast furnace or large steelworks. But the most attractive place is a technology museum Little world of technology U6, especially kids love it.

One of Věrka’s hobbies is sport.

Men should not miss the opportunity of seeing the Tatra Museum located in the city of Kopřivnice, 30 kilometers southeast of Ostrava. There is a vast collection of Tatra cars and trucks covering the entire history of production since the late 19th century. Not only cars are on display but also a train called Slovenská Strela situated in the outdoor exhibition. Part of the Tatra Museum is devoted to the famous Czech sports couple Mr. and Mrs. Zátopek. Emil Zátopek was a long-distance runner who won 3 gold Olympic medals in Helsinki 1952. His wife Dana also won a gold Olympic medal in the javelin throw.

Ostrava offers lots of working opportunities these days. Positions in IT are open almost everywhere, but also many job offers come from the automotive industry due to the proximity of the Hyundai factory and its suppliers.

When will the office in Ostrava actually start to work?

Well, I thought I will have a virtual office during the first months but now I think it will be necessary to really open the office during the summer holidays.

Can you tell us about your family?

My family is the highest priority in my life. I have a great husband who is my support and we have 3 children.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like sport, traveling as mentioned, and working in the garden.


You find the Ostrava’s office on Zahradní street. Check out the contact and opening hours.


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