in Numbers will have 5 years old this year, so it is important for us to have a retrospective review of our work. It was established in 2009 in Hradec Králové and has quickly expanded to Brno, Pilsen, Prague and Olomouc. There are 213 countries in the world including 196 recognized by the UN. At we have worldwide customers, from Brazil to Australia passing by South Africa. In 5 years, 3000 Clients were in touch with us. For helping our customers; has an amazing team of 20 members. We can be proud of the efficiency and cohesion spirit of our team.

“With our help visitors feel more at home.”

With the advent of Internet and the possibility to share instant information, we are able to offer 3100 rental apartments or houses in our database. And we are proud to count 8500 unique visitors in our website every month.

“The purpose of our work is to increase mutual understanding.”

The work we do has allowed us to satisfy 650 clients by rented an apartment with our help.

“Together we move the world forward.”

However our offer is much broader. If you need some help with:

  • apartments or houses for rent and sale
  • health insurance for non-EU citizens as well as a household or car liability insurance
  • transportation from or to an airport (or anywhere else among the Czech Republic)
  • immigration administration – visa, work permit, temporary residence, long-term residence etc.
  • moving services
  • complete relocation services
  • car rental
  • Czech language courses, language courses taught in English
  • driving school in English
  • normal or certified document translations
  • personal assistance at local authorities
  • mediation of study at CzechUniversity

Have a look to our website or come to our office we can arrange it.

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