Brno gets famous with House Hunters International!

House Hunters International

Our agency was selected by Matthew Maguire, the producer on House Hunters International, to participate in shooting of  this popular property & travel reality show. The show is a documentary series that profiles people moving from one country to another and chronicles their journey finding a new home.

They started filming in Brno at the end of January with a family who is moving from the United States, California. The husband originally comes from Brno and still has family bonds here, so this was a sort of a homecoming for him. He and his wife met in 2000 and were married in 2001. Our agent Martina Ďuricová was chosen to appear on camera and assist in finding three properties for them to pick from. Her task was to accompany the couple and help them assess their options. The properties were compared and contrasted to show which one reflects the family’s personality, budget and wish list.

Shooting in the office Brno
Shooting in the office Brno

During the show Martina guides the clients through the three potential properties and provides general information about both the real estate propertiers and its areas and also about Czech mentality, culture and habits. The family was looking for  4 bedroom family houses that would be a good option for a family with 3 children – 15, 8 and 6 years old.

Shooting in the office Brno 2
Shooting in the office Brno 2

The exterior of a house can be just as important as its interior. HGTV’s House Hunters International discovers house owners around the world in search of the perfect home — both inside and outside — for a perfect price. Each episode is viewed by 1.5-2 million households  in the United States alone, and is shown in more than 175 other countries worldwide.

Happy end of the first shooting day

The filming took three days. At the moment, organizers are working on editing the footage back in the USA. Processing and distribution takes time and, therfore, this eposide will be released within half a year. Stay with us, we’ll keep you posted on the development!

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