Searching for an Apartment to Rent

It is important when you are renting an apartment – especially if you have never been to the Czech Republic – to know exactly what you want, and what to look for.

It is also essential to be flexible because you cannot always find everything you are looking for in one place, and for the price you want. Make a list of priorities and decide from there.

So what kind of things should you consider to be sure you would be happy in your apartment in the Czech Republic?



Location is a top priority for me. There are a few important things to consider when deciding what makes an ideal location for you.

Of course most important is to consider the location in regards to your work/school. This doesn’t mean it has to be a 5 minute walk, but check the tram/bus lines to see if a location you’re considering has direct lines to the places you will be the most often.

You should also check which grocery stores, Tesco’s, small shops, etc. are around. It really makes a difference:  it’s nice to have a convenient shop to buy goods nearby home, and a close larger store for buying items for the flat.

– Don’t forget to see what pubs, bars, night-clubs, pharmacies, take out, and sit in restaurants are in the area. ?

Also consider the noise, lights from surroundings, and what the apartment will be like in other seasons. These things might not seem important, but they can really make a difference in an apartment.

My apartment is the last one in the row, therefore, it has an outdoor wall – and I believe it makes my apartment significantly colder than if I was in one that had apartments on both sides.  It is also next to a train station, so sometimes the trains passing by are loud – but I actually enjoy it ?

Neighborhood/surroundings – Of course you want to find a safe area in the Czech Republic for your own peace and pleasure of stay. Also, if you leave for holidays and vacations, you want to know your things are safe while you are away.

Neighbors are always to be considered. Inquire about what the other residence in the building are like. Are there many foreigners? Students? Families?

Size & Roommates

You will want to decide if you want to live alone, with one, or several flatmates, and if you don’t mind sharing one room, or if having your own room is a requirement.

First, you have to understand Czech apartment descriptions

  • 1 + 1 – This describes a flat with one bedroom + one other room – a small kitchen.
  • 1 + kk (studio) – Again, this describes a one bedroom flat. KK stands for kitchen (generally with hot plates, fridge, and sink) and bathroom.
  • 2+kk – Separate bedroom + separate kitchen together with a living room (people really like this option because of the size).
  • 2 + 1 (3 + 1, 4 + 1, …) – This is a flat with two rooms and a kitchen (or three or four rooms respectively).

You can also rent a shared apartment.

A shared apartment is when you rent a room in an apartment that is already lived in but the current residence has an open room. It’s a great way to save money, and save yourself from finding a roommate on public forums, etc. ?


Make sure you understand the utility payments. In some cases a lease will state that utility usage is added at the end of your lease, and you may owe or get money back depending on the actual consumption.

Also, make sure appliances in the flat are in good working condition. Check the oven/hot plates, inquire about the washer, showerhead, window and door locks. Don’t just assume everything will necessarily work.

General Questions

  • pet policy
  • smoking policy
  • subletting (for summer if you go home, etc)
  • security deposit fee
  • mail (including deliveries from UPS/FedEx)
  • building security/how to let somebody in the building
  • Internet/cable provider for the area
  • where do you take the trash
  • sidewalks for jogging
  • closest tram/bus stations main service is finding you an apartment to rent. The Relocation Consultants are extremely helpful for expats moving into a new apartment, especially if you are in the Czech Republic for the first time. agents will assist you in apartment visits,  communicate with the landlord as there’s a chance he won’t speak English, arrange your utility bills, etc. ? If you are abroad, they will send you details, videos, and photos so you know what to expect, and they will answer all of your questions.

The best part about assistance is that they are with you through the entire period of your rental contract. They will help you with any problems that might come up with your bills, landlord, flat, etc. This service is highly valued by foreigners and clients.

7 thoughts on “Searching for an Apartment to Rent

  1. I wanted to rent a flat in Beroun. Please share how much cost it would be and what amenities I would be getting

  2. Hello there. I will be moving to Brno in this month to start working. I am searching for an accommodation. Can you please help me out with contacts? Thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. After reading the article, I feel it your article will definitely help me a lot to find new apartment on rent.

  4. Hi I’m looking for a 1 bedroom apartment (with small living room if possible) with kitchen near downtown Brno : in June 17 out July 13. It is important that the district is good and safe.
    Best regards,
    Carolina Sklenar

  5. Hello,
    My friends and I are coming for Erasmus exchange in Olomouc in September. We are searching for apartment to rent in a period of 5 months. It would be nice if there is one furnished apartment with four single beds or 2 double beds.
    Best regards.

  6. I am looking for a one bed room apartment (with small living room if possible) with kitchen is near downtown Brno.
    important that the district is good and safe
    Best regards
    Abrham Tamire

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