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I had the chance to join Honza Toloch for “Feel Local tour in Brno”! Which is a brand new project. This tour will allow you to understand better what Czech citizens usually eat or drink and how restaurants owners prepare their specialties. This unique experience gives you the possibility to feel like a local in the city of Brno. And allows you to visit places out of the center, where only local people go. During this 3.5 hours tour, you will enjoy small cafés, restaurants and unique places, famous for their original products and special atmosphere where you can taste their delicacies such as homemade coffee, cakes, Pilsner beer… In addition to this during the tour you will have fun while learning about the city, Czech culture and find remarkable spots you will love. During the Feel Local tour that I took part in, I didn’t even notice the 3. 5 hours passed. Because in each of these 7 places that we visited the atmosphere, the products, the décor… were totally different. In each one you will taste various products that are unique. We started the tour we began with a coffee at Del Saggio. The manager of this place is a real coffee lover (like his family who are at the 4 corners of the planet, and special in country’s who product coffee). You will taste a Turkish style coffee. And at the end he will be able to predict your future. I won’t tell you more about it, go and see on your own eyes. Throughout these 7 various stops your “guide” that behaves rather as a friend will explain a lot about district that you will cross during the tour. Organizers of this event seek to keep on improving and expand their offer. Thus it is possible that you are not going to test exactly the same products that I could taste. But don’t worry, I am sure that you will enjoy it, as the 5 of us did. I do not want to reveal all the surprises you’ll find out during this trip. So I do not go into detail about the next points. This tour will offer: Czech pastries, cheese balls with the best Pilsner beer, ham and sausages from local farmers, homemade soups… We finished our tour in one of the top places to taste various types of wine. The atmosphere in our group was so good that we decide to stay there. We share some more bottles of wine and discussed our experience of the afternoon and life. One last tip: do not eat much before joining Honza for this unforgettable adventure. Foods and drinks of all kinds are actually in abundance. And all this for a really liw price: 450,- CZK Tickets: How can you purchase your ticket? There are 2 ways: 1) You can join one of our regular Feel Local Tours taking place every Friday 3 – 6,30 pm. (Check the latest FB event) In order to apply for the Friday tour please fill in the following form and we will get back to you ASAP with details. http://brno.foreigners.cz/Feel-Local-Registration-Form 2) If you are 4 or more (10 max), we will be happy to arrange a private tour for you any time you want, however, you need to tell us 24 hrs in advance. Please use the same form to contact us: https://www.facebook.com/FeelLocalTours?fref=ts


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