Everything You Need to Know About the Czech Language Exam

#ImmiUpdatesCzechia Do you enjoy living in the Czech Republic and are you considering permanent residence? As you’ve learned in our previous article about permanent residence, as a third-country national you must pass a Czech language exam. What are the requirements? How much does it cost? Find out everything in this article.

How much does it cost?


Who Needs to Take the Exam?

If you are a third-country national and you’d like to get a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, then you have to pass a language exam from the Czech language.

BUT there are some exceptions. You don’t need to pass the Czech language exam if:

  • you are under 15 or more than 60 years old or
  • you are an EU Citizen’s Family Member
  • you’ve attended a primary school or a secondary school (for at least one year) OR you’ve studied at an institute of higher education in Czech/a study program focused on Czech (for at least one academic year) in the previous 20 years or
  • you have one of the following:
    • a school-leaving examination in the Czech language
    • a certificate of the state language examination in the Czech language
    • a state final examination in the Czech language
    • a Certified Examination in Czech for Foreigners (CCE) for level A2 or higher
    • a Czech language exam conducted to grant citizenship of the Czech Republic
    • a specialization examination for obtaining professional competence (doctors, dentists, and pharmacists)
  • you have a prove of a physical or mental handicap that influences the ability to communicate


How to Proceed?

Be aware that you can’t take the Czech language exam just anywhere. There are certified schools in Czechia that are allowed to offer these exams. Have a look at the list here.

From January 2, there is an online form to register for the examination. You can find the registration form here. Just fill it out and you will get an examination date. You can choose which schools you’d like to take the exam at. You will receive both an email and an SMS confirmation.

NOTE: To register for the language exam, you need a valid passport.


How Much Does it Cost?

The examination has a set price of CZK 3,200.


What does the exam look like?


What Does the Exam Look Like?

The examinations consist of 4 parts:

  • reading part (40 minutes): you will receive a text with tasks. You must understand forms, street signs, advertisements, and basic signs in shops and at the doctor’s office.
  • writing part (25 minutes): you will receive a task to write a greeting from a trip, invite people to events, write an apology, or respond to an advertisement while paying attention to the Czech alphabet.
  • listening part (40 minutes): you will listen to a recording and answer questions. It can be anything from public announcements, information from radio or TV, or basic conversation in a store or with your friends.
  • speaking part (15 minutes): you will answer questions and speak about pictures. You need to be able to ask for information, negotiate with colleagues, and say something about your life and basic activities like shipping, health, and free time.

You can try each part of the exams in this practical handbook from Čeština-pro-cizince.cz.

To pass the exam you must obtain at least 42 points for the reading, writing, and listening parts AND at least 24 points for the speaking part.

After passing the exam, you’ll receive the certificate within 30 days.


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Source: Čeština-pro-cizince.cz

Image source: unsplash, pexels


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