New Contacts and Wonderful People in the Club Are the Biggest Advantages of BforB, States Its Brno Manager Romana Sittová

It is only 10 am and you have already presented your business to dozens of potential clients. Isn’t such a fruitful morning a dream of each growth-oriented entrepreneur? You can enjoy this efficiency each 2nd Thursday at Business for Breakfast served by Brno English Business Club!

People are busy. Nowadays even more than last year, 5 years ago, a decade ago… Have you noticed? We have to keep pace with today’s world to make our business successful and growing. Therefore, effective tools that save our time while not losing the productivity are needed.

Business for Breakfast (BforB) is one of the tools which definitely deserves your attention.

BforB concept was created in Great Britain, 2001. Into the Czech Republic, it was brought in 2009. Currently, they are 65 BforB clubs in the country with approximately 15 members in each club. English Business Clubs are only in Prague and Brno, though. There are 10 Czech BforB clubs in Brno, the English one is the youngest set up in autumn 2017 by Romana Sittová, an independent English teacher with more than 30 year experience.

The manager of the Brno English Business Club Romana Sittová. Photo: Marleen Photography

“Business for Breakfast helps its members significantly grow their businesses through relationship marketing and the passing of qualified referrals. By opening the English club I wanted to give a chance to Czech business people and freelancers to meet Brno expats. Give them an opportunity to share contacts and practice English,” Romana Sittová explains.

The English Business Club in Brno takes place each 2nd Thursday from 8 AM to 10 AM at Domeq (even in summer, there are breaks only on public holidays).

The agenda is similar every session. All participants introduce themselves, their business and tell the others whom they are searching for. There are also inspiring presentations included in the program, space for 1 to 1 meeting and of course, time to enjoy delicious breakfast since having enough energy is the essence to do our work the best. Furthermore, the meeting shows a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

English Business Club Brno has 10 female members so far! Photo: Marleen Photography

“In my opinion, the biggest advantages are new contacts of potential clients and wonderful people in the club,” points out Romana Sittová and continues: “Before I started my own business I had been employed together with other people for a long time. As a self-employed person, I missed colleagues. Now I have found them.

Currently, the Brno English Business club has 10 members – women only – which wasn’t plotted! 🙂 They represent various fields of entrepreneurship – finance, healthy lifestyle, beauty, education, social relationships, accommodation, and others. “We are expecting the eleventh member and perhaps the first brave man. They may be afraid of female energy, who knows? 🙂 But never say never, maybe once there will be more men than women in our club,” ponders Sittová.

BforB community encourages local entrepreneurs to do an effective networking. Photo: Jan Šlancar

Do you want to attend the initiative and broaden your network by connecting with the international business community in the town? We at Foreigners, who is a member of the club too, highly recommend and we will be happy to meet you there.

All you have to do is to sign up at, bring your business cards to distribute among participants. The fee for the event is 300 CZK for a guest and 250 CZK for a member.

More information and updates, as well as upcoming Business for Breakfast events, are available on English Business Club Brno Facebook page!

Featured image: Jan Šlancar

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