English Drawing Lessons Are Opening in Brno

“You have to go beyond your limits because it pulls you forward,” Helena Hermanová says, a teacher of drawing lessons in Ateliér pro kočku. She leads her students to get better. Now you have a chance to join the class. With the support of Foreigners Brno, the atelier is opening an English course for adults.

Atelier students’ drawings

In case you want to learn drawing, Ateliér pro kočku (the Atelier for Cats, in Czech) is the right place. It has been welcoming ambitious artists for eight years already. The longest period that people stayed learning there is seven years since the atelier has been founded. However, Helena Hermanová, the teacher and founder of the atelier, has not lost her passion for teaching and still brings new techniques and ideas in lessons.

Helena Hermanová – the founder and teacher of Ateliér pro kočku

The course usually lasts one year. Helena explains it by the fact that no one will learn how to draw in one weekend. However, since the English class of drawing is a novelty, the course is going to take place within two months in February and March. The first lesson is on 14th of February. If participants want to continue, the course will further proceed.

The entrants can look forward to drawing with pencil. The standard procedure is to start there, continue with charcoal and then move to pen-and-ink drawing. These three techniques take about two years to learn. Thorough, do not worry, you will not bore at the lessons. Each of the lectures, you will try a different creative project. After you manage these techniques, you will start with colors. Teachers in the atelier are clean-handed. Except for practice, you will learn the theory of colors, how they compose together and what they gain from – simply how to use them.

Helena’s student drawing caddies

The English course will be taught by Ada Hermanová, Helena’s daughter. She has spent some time abroad studying due to Erasmus program and also working in Holland. As well as her mother, she has been studying architecture which gave her an opportunity to learn drawing.

Ada Hermanová – the teacher of English drawing lessons

At the end of the course, the participants will get an originally treated progress report sample. Once it is a number, for the second time a kind word. However, Helena and Ada always support their students to be confident about what they do. It is also the reason why Ateliér pro kočku organizes exhibitions of their works of art for families and friends. The atmosphere is lovely warm there.

After an exhibition, people can take their works away with them. Nevertheless, they can contribute to social nongovernmental organizations by selling their drawings in an auction organized by the atelier. The previous times, Ateliér pro kočku gave the earnings from the auctions to Liga vozíčkářů (means League of charioteer) and SOS dětské vesničky (means SOS children’s villages).

To register you can use the application.

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6 thoughts on “English Drawing Lessons Are Opening in Brno

  1. Hi Helena….

    This in Nisha i am a mother of 11years old daughter, she is very good in drawing and painting i want you to guide her. I am an Indian and here in Brno only for two months…. so in this time if you can guide her…

  2. Hello)

    I am intersting in Drawing Lessons , i am 24 y.o
    Tell me please what is price for Kurs?

  3. Hello, is this place and lessons are still open at this time in 2019 november? =]

    1. Hello Gabriele,

      The lessons are closed now. Stay tuned to not miss out on further events!

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Beatriz!
      The courses are still running, but I’m not sure if they’re still offered in English.
      Give a call to the artist and ask 🙂 +420 602 524 200 or send her an email helena@hermanova.com


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