Easter Festival in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square

Going on now until the 27th of April there is an Easter Festival in Old Town Square that continues as well through Wenceslas Square! This festival is great. It brings color and excitement to Old Town Square, and so much more.

First, there is food. There are many different food vendors that have set up shop. For savory meals, you can get sausages, chicken skewers, grilled cheese, potato dumplings, and other delicious Czech foods. Everything is quite reasonably priced. For more sweet indulgences there is a wide range of options. Of course, there are many locations where you can get trdelnik. You can even get Nutella inside of it if you would like! There are also a wide range of other options including crepes, assorted sugar candies and gummy candies, as well as chocolate dipped fruits and sweets. Long story short- you will not go hungry!

There are also some activities that the festival has planned! They have set up a stage that has a wide range of performers. Often there are children singing, it is very cute. There is also a small petting zoo area, which is great for children to pet some animals such as a  lamb or goat. There is also a very cool Tim Burton exhibit that has opened up that is incredibly fascinating.

Lastly, there are stands set up to sell different goods. Many of the stands sell typical Prague tourist items, as well as Easter themed items such as painted Easter eggs. All in all, the Easter Festival is a great place to bring visitors, as well as Prague natives. It provides for a day with yummy food and fun activities!


6 thoughts on “Easter Festival in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square

  1. Easter is the festival, especially for Christians. This year Easter Festival is on 05th April 2015 (Sunday). Enjoy this festival on the day of Holiday.

  2. And the things which is going to work for sure is very ncie ad great also.

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