Discover the Services at the Reach of your Hand

Some of you have rented a flat from us and others come to our monthly MeetUps. But did you know that provides a whole variety of services?

Immigration Help

We offer help at the immigration office. We can either arrange all the paper work for you – even go to all the ministries with power of attorney instead of you. Our Immigration Consultant will handle everything. The price is 2,200 CZK (+21% VAT).

The other option is for those who have all their papers and know the process but just need a support and a Czech speaker. This service costs 500 czk (+21% VAT) per hour – we’ll make the appointment for you and meet you there. Best part is that it usually takes only one hour anyway!


Have you been told that insurance prices have been rising? Well they haven’t. We can give you a fair price for health insurance through Slavia. We can do all the paper work in our office and the total process takes around half an hour! They also do car and household insurance.

Car insurance depends on the age of the car and the driver, but the prices are between 7,000 and 16,000 CZK – and you have to be really young or have a really old car to get the latter price. We can calculate the price for free!

Household insurance is required by a lot of landlords but this is usually mentioned in fine print. You can cover your flat for as little as 300 CZK a year! Think about it before throwing that house party or inviting that one clumsy friend over for coffee (especially if you have light-colored carpeted floors!).

Translations, Verification and Certifications

The standard translation between Czech and English costs 450 CZK a page. But we offer other languages too! We have a wide selection of translators and interpreters to satisfy your every need. We do normal and legal translations and we can verify your documents and make certified copies for the ministries. We take care of it all for you at our office so you don’t need to waste time walking around Prague doing it yourself.


We understand how hard it is to get around Prague without speaking Czech. Ministries, hospitals, stores, pharmacies – you are never guaranteed that you will run into an English speaker. We offer a service where a Czech speaker goes with you and translates. This service can be used in many different situations, for example; to explain what papers you need for your visa at a ministry or a health problem to a doctor.

Other services:

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