Different Ways of Freight Exchange and Transportation

Freight exchange is a service that allows transporters, haulers and logistic consultants to get information on available freight for transport. This platform allows them to advertise their services, or to access advertisement from companies that need their services. One of the major advantages of freight exchange is that it makes back loading possible so that transportation companies do not have empty returns. The first freight exchange platform was launched in the 1980s. This industry has developed in leaps and bounds since then. These days, there are a number of different ways of freight exchange and transportation. Private freight exchange This is a membership only freight exchange platform. Most of them deal in the transportation of a particular product. For example, there are private freight exchanges that offer car transport only as well as those that offer petroleum transportation. They have a group of well-established transportation companies that provide these services. They always advertise available backloading services and hauling services to members. These days, these private exchanges may also send emails and text messages to members in case a client is available. Private freight exchange services are very particular about their membership. This has helped them to control the quality of the service and to be aware of the needs of the customer. Public freight exchange These ones are open to anyone and everyone. All transportation companies, logistics consultants and haulers can have access to this platform. They can bid on available transportation services. The winning bidder gets to provide the service to the customer. Most of them are not limited to any type of product. Though they are open to everyone, they have several levels of security. This ensures that only credible transporters can bid on a job. Subscription based freight exchange This has become a very popular type of freight exchange. It allows a logistics provider, hauler or transporter to subscribe for information on available back loads and transportation services. Companies that require regular transportation services will also subscribe to such a platform. Both of them can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Once they pay the subscription, they will have access to all of the information on the platform. However, the freight company will be required to pay an extra fee in case they need to advertise their services. The customer will also pay a fee for consultation services. Free freight exchange This platform does not require any subscription or membership fee from users. However, it is not a completely free service. The members can look at the services and even bid on transportation jobs. However, after they get the job, they will be required to pay a load based fee. This is because all freight exchange services require money in order to operate. However, this is a great system, especially for transportation companies and haulers who are still new in the business. This is because they will only pay if they get a transportation job through the platform. There are a number of different freight exchange companies that offer very credible and trustworthy services. They have different customer criteria that ensure that all the transporters on their platform are trustworthy. They also have security measures in place that ensure that clients are not duped by fraudulent transporters. Mark Long worked in a leading Car Transport company which does Backloading as one of the main services. Mark love to deal with Freight Company and get affordable Freight Quote to his customers.



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