Denisa – The most helpful agent in Prague

denisaDuring the summer we had a little competition going on in our offices. The goal was to motivate our agents to provide better and better service for our clients – and it worked! The Prague office has officially announced that Denisa Olešovská was the best agent of the office for she managed to help the most clients out of all the agents! And she won a nice prize, too! Here is a short interview with Denisa about her accomplishment:

First of all, congratulations Denisa! You are now officially the most helpful agent in Prague. What helped you achieve such an accomplishment?
Hard work, believing in me and the most important thing – support from the whole Prague office. Without each other’s help we wouldn’t be where we were and where we are now.

Has this season taught you anything new?
Everything. How hard it is to motivate myself, how hard it is to find a balance in my life and mostly not to cry and just do it if it must be done. But not all was just hard. I found myself enjoying the happiness of other people when they found their home, when they didn’t feel so lost anymore.

Have you experienced any memorable situation? Or do you have a funny story with a client?
I have to mention a situation which touched me the most. A client called me and she was very upset on the phone as some other agency screw her over and she didn’t have a place to live. We managed to help her in a day and when she finally signed the papers for having a place to sleep that night and for the rest of the year she just cried and laughed at the same time. It was a moment of happiness for both of us.

What have you won and how are you going to enjoy your prize?
I won a phone! My old one went crazy after the season of nonstop calling and messaging, it was necessary to get a replacement.

Thank you Denisa! Enjoy your prize and keep up the good work, we are very proud of you!

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