Feeling Lonely in Czechia? Join Our Facebook Expat Group!

#LifeInCzechia When you move to a new country, adapting can take a long time. Making an effort to communicate and to share experiences may shorten this period. As a fresh expat who has been in Brno for one month, I can easily see that we all go through the same process. With this in mind, Foreigners agency has opened a Facebook group called  #LifeinCzechia.

LifeinCzechia Facebook Expat Group
 #LifeinCzechia Facebook Expat Group


What will you find there?

First, this group was created for YOU!  Inside, you’ll find news about immigration and life in Czechia in general.  There are also plenty of practical tips for foreigners. Feeling lonely? You’ll also learn about  expat-friendly events happening in your area.

This group is also a great place to communicate with other expats, make connections, share experiences and network. There are so many things discussed here about daily life – like our biggest concern, accommodation. You can even find exclusive apartment offers there, such as the unique units in Domeq.


Live Streams

You can also join our live streams on practical topics. One of the first scheduled streams will be all about useful apps that can help you adjust to life in Czechia. It will take place on 24 May at 5 p.m. 

We look forward to seeing you in our Facebook group! We can’t wait to share unique information and spark interesting conversation about living in the Czech Republic. 


LifeinCzechia Facebook Expat Group Live Stream
#LifeinCzechia Facebook Expat Group Live Stream


Let’s solve expat-related challenges together. Tell us what you need!

Want to read more tips about living in the Czech Republic as an expat? Keep following this blog! Do you need help with immigration or relocation? Let us know!


Leman Oktay

Hello everyone! I'm Leman from Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed evolving and exploring a new culture while I was an exchange student in Brno. Now, I am rediscovering Brno after four years. So let's experience the journey.

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