Coworking Křižovatka: a Great Place to Work and Connect

With one of the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, the Czech Republic – and Prague specifically – qualifies among those countries that offer the best opportunities to get employed with competitive salary and high social benefits.

As the country’s economy expands, its main cities attract entrepreneurs from all over the world looking for investments or a chance to start their own businesses.

This is the case of Evgeny Frolov, a young Russian entrepreneur who conceived the Coworking Space Krizovatka to gather professionals from different work fields and backgrounds.

The venue is a great alternative to public coffees such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee which noisy environments don’t meet the needs of those looking for a more quiet and cozy location.

Furthermore, the current market doesn’t offer many alternatives for professionals in search for a short/mid-term office where relocating for a few months at a reasonable price. A circumstance that the Coworking Space Krizovatka takes into account, proposing a flexible timing schedule with fewer strings attached when compared to what the average competitor requires.

The place – situated in Václavské náměstí 62, a few meters from the Red metro line – has a fast Wi-Fi connection, wireless printer, a small and well-equipped kitchen plus a comfy living room nearby. Its main 3 working rooms are called Jobs (from the founder of the Apple brand: Steve Jobs), Da Vinci and Einstein.

Jobs room

While the first functions as a conference room where maximum 6 people can seat and operate the screen and flip-chart, the second plays the main role. Offering 22 seats in a warm atmosphere, the room displays a set of wooden-made desks and plants replacing the classic grey concrete that normally characterizes these type of spaces. It’s also equipped with a second screen, a high-quality audio system, and a small library. The 3rd and last is now under refurbishment and will need some time to get ready; it shall host between 12 and 15 people.

PlayStation, table tennis, and table football can be played with colleagues during the breaks in order to recharge the ‘mental batteries’ and get ready for a further working session.

Several seminars take place at the Coworking Space, mainly related to presentation skills development, mindfulness, marketing and startups consultation. Events meant to gather entrepreneurs from different business sectors are organized by the Space itself or can be planned by external partners by booking one of the 3 rooms mentioned above. The Coworking Space Krizovatka will then take care of the logistics + the event advertisement via social media.

Da Vinci room

Among the booking options available, 3 are the most interesting:

1) 100 hours per month for 2500 CZK including access to all facilities from Monday to Friday (10:00 till 20:00) + 2 free hours in the conference room a week.

2) Hot desk for a month for 3200 CZK with: fully equipped place in the open-space, access Mon-Fri from 8:00 till 23:00, Sat-Sun from 10:00 till 21:00, 50% discount on the Coworking Space’s business events + 3 free hours in the conference room per week.

3) Dedicated desk for a month for 3900 CZK. This option allows the user to access a dedicated desk (permanent workplace), locker for laptop and documents, mail reception, access 24/7, all the Coworking Space’s events for free + 4 free hours in the conference room per week.

Einstein room

Join this venue mentioning that you knew about it thanks to and you’ll get a 10% discount on its services.

The Coworking Space Krizovatka has been ambassador of the annual startup competition known as Seedstars since August 2016, and soon will be partner of Prague.

We are willing to help this young community of professionals to expand their network and improve their visibility, and we’re looking forward to participating to one of their upcoming events!

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