Coronavirus in the Czech Republic III: Information from the Ministry of Interior

Coronavirus is all over the news: all the latest updates up to March 10 can be found in the following article. Along with that, we would like to let you know the further updates provided by the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic:

  • In light of the current situation, the Ministry of Interior recommends you to consider an actual need of visiting any MOI office in cases where the matter can be handled without a personal visit;
  • If you have recently returned from Italy, you must follow the measures stated at the following link on this website (UPDATE May 20: The document was removed from the Ministry’s website) in the third section;
  • Expats and foreign students who are currently quarantined and cannot solve their immigration issues other than visiting a MOI office personally will receive a special email. For capacity reasons it will only be possible to respond to inquiries regarding the need to deal with immigration matters in cases of quarantine or disease. The mail is provided here:;
  • Everyone who doesn’t have permanent or temporary residency or doesn’t work in the Czech Republic is obliged to get examined for infectious disease.
Coronavirus is one of the hottest topics in the recent news all over the world and the Czech Republic is not an exception.

If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from the virus, read the article at this link. For all updates, don’t hesitate to follow our Facebook.

Extracted from the Ministry of Interior official website (UPDATE, May 20: The document was removed from the Ministry’s website).

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