Christmas Markets in Brno

There is always something happening at Namesti Svobody in Brno.

Even in the cold weather of December, the center of Brno is still entertaining its citizens and visitors.

Brno Christmas Markets

Every year around the holidays opens the Brno Christmas Markets.

This is a great place to buy your friends and family some Christmas gifts from Brno.

At the markets you can find decorations, gifts, trinkets, souvenirs, all natural cosmetics, traditional handcrafted products, and more.

Shoppers at the Brno Christmas Market

Of course the Christmas Markets are not just about shopping.

You can also see a large nativity scenes, drink wine, and eat some delicious Czech cuisine – all while you listen to Christmas carolers, and watch performances put on by muscians, dancers, and more.

The Christmas Markets open on November 30th and close at the end of the day on Christmas Eve.

Namest Svobody during the Christmas Season

Check out the panoramic photos of the Brno Christmas Market.

Brno is not the only city with Christmas Markets in the Czech Republic. You can also get into the holiday spirit at the Christmas Markets in Prague, and Pilsen.

Christmas Trades Fair

There is also a Christmas Trades Fair at the Exhibition Center on December 7-16th.

There you can find everything you are looking for including:

  • Glass, ceramics, china
  • Leather, footwear, leather goods, artificial fur
  • Furniture, home furnishings, home accessories
  • Consumer electronics, electrical appliance, musical instruments
  • Sports goods, rehabilitation and tourist goods and devices
  • Food and drinks
  • Experience some fun and traditional Czech entertainment
  • …and more
Christmas Trades Fair, Brno

I am really looking forward to experiencing these Christmas Markets and getting some of my Christmas shopping done – What are you looking forward to during your holiday season in Brno, and do you have any suggestions for events during the season?

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