Chelsea is introducing

First author on our new blog is Chelsea Cavlovic, public relations intern in Brno office. And the keyboard goes to her…

I would like to start by introducing a little bit about myself, I think that is most important when reading about somebody’s experiences, and to get a better understanding of why and how I have found myself writing about my experiences in Brno, Czech Republic as a 22 year old American.

My studies

I obtained my Bachelors Degree at West Virginia University in the U.S., in International Relations. Although this was a one-of-a-kind experience, I didn’t think I would be able to pursue my dreams of traveling the world indulging in different nations food, drinks, and culture.

I decided to go for my masters in Europe, ultimately deciding to go to Warsaw, Poland for a two-year masters program.

Warsaw is a gem, and an in my opinion, an underrated European city. Of course I met some frustrations with language and cultural barriers, but the city captured my heart, and it didn’t hurt that I was there for the Poland-Ukraine UEFA Euro Cup 2012!

Although I loved Warsaw, I could not pass up the opportunity to study abroad in another European city under the Erasmus program.

Brno, here I am

I decided on Brno because of its perfect size (metro: 800,000), central European location, and I loved what I heard of the Czech culture; a nation of beer drinkers, who love delicious (and often fried) cheeses, and practice great etiquette (like punctuality), and moderate weather compared to Warsaw!

When moving to a new city it is important to have some connections, and some tasks (school, work, internship, etc.) to help you get integrated in your new foreign city.

So, when I saw on Facebook an Internship opportunity for I knew I had to apply! Fortunately after sending a C.V., filling out a questionnaire, and exchanging some e-mails, and I both knew that we were the perfect fit for each other. 🙂

Chelsea Cavlovic – intern in Brno office

About takes any burden off foreigners moving to Czech Republic, with locations in five Czech cities, they lend a helping hand around the entire country with finding a flat, insurance, transportation, driver’s license, health insurance, translations, and more! Brno partnered with BrnoExpats has monthly meet-ups on the last Thursday of each month for everybody to get together, have a few drinks, and connect with people from around the world.

They also have board game nights, sports activities, and more.

Me, and this blog in a relationship

As somebody who knows how difficult it can be dealing with basic moving requirements, bureaucratic factors, meeting new people, and finding fun actives with great people, a company like is a truly valuable company and I was so excited to get started on my Public Relations internship position for them.

I am looking forward to regularly posting on this blog about my adventures and experiences in Brno and surrounding cities.

If you are new to Brno, or a well-established expat, I hope you will find it entertaining as well as informative, worthwhile, and helpful.



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