Changes in the Health Insurance Admission Concerning Self-Employed Persons in 2019

We said goodbye to 2018 and now we need to learn what has the year 2019 prepared for us.

The price for VZP (General Health Insurance Company in the Czech Republic) has increased for OSVČ (self-employed people) again. The reason why the fee grows every year is that VZP is closely connected with the average national wage which is getting higher yearly. Average national wage increased up to 32 699 CZK in 2019 which is 2 720 CZK difference from the last year.



VZP monthly payment increased for 184 CZK so people who are self-employed are going to pay 2 208 CZK in 2019 instead of the 2018 amount that was in the high of 2 024 CZK. This new norm is valid from the 1st January 2019. That means individuals working for themselves must pay this new amount for the month of January until the 8th of February 2019. The day when the payment is processed, and the amount is added to the bank account of your General Health Insurance Company, is considered as the day of the payment. The amount will change in the second year and the following years because OSVČ will make calculations with his/hers already existing incomes.


ČSSZ (Czech Social Security Administration)

Changes in ČSSZ for self-employed people are focusing on pension and sickness insurance and are valid from the beginning of January 2019 as well. Again, the prices for the social security are higher than the previous year.

The social security contributions are continuously paid in the calendar month to which the social security insurance relates to. The payee can execute payments between the first and the last day of the calendar month. This will ensure the exact month, when was the contribution paid.

Another adjustment in 2019 allows the self-employed person to pay social security contribution two times…


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