Changes at

We have been thinking about taking a bigger step for a while. During the busiest months last year all the things we knew about came up to the surface. Who is doing what? Everybody is doing everything! Well, the ones in charge worked on fixing the bugs and here is the solution: New structure in the company that is going to make us a much more effective crew!

So what has changed for you? Well, you no longer have your agent, but you have your RC – Relocation Consultant. The name of the positions matches much better to the service they actually do for you.

There is also a new position called SD – Sales Director. In Prague it’s Oksana and in Brno it’s Sabina. They are both very experienced in what the RCs do and they are here to help them with whatever they might need to help you find the best place available for you. They will be making sure that the RCs are doing the best they can to find you the perfect place and they will be coaching them to make them experts in the field. They will also be supporting yet another position with a new name – OC, EC, IC! In Brno, we have Kateřina to do all of those together – Office Coordinator, Expat Consultant and Immigration Consultant. In Prague, there are two ladies diving the responsibilities. Radka is the Office Coordinator and Olena, who is the Expat and Immigration Consultant.

And to make sure that the rest of the team is doing everything right, we have the ED – Executive Director. In Prague we have Gabi and in Brno we have Liduška. Together with the PR Manager (that happens to be me), their task is to spread the name of all over the place to make sure that EVERY foreigner knows that we exist and we are here ready to help every single one of them.

Changes are a good thing, right?