Calling all Foodies! Prague’s Best Korean BBQ (Do it Yourself Grilling)

Down on our luck as we tried to find a restaurant around old Town Square whose kitchen was not closing, we stumbled across the trendy and inviting restaurant Katr. It wasn’t until we sat down that it occurred to us the restaurant was a Korean barbeque restaurant (for those of you who may not know, this is where you cook your own food on a personal sized grill at your table).

We started out by ordering the elderberry lemonade that truly was the most refreshing, light, and tasty lemonade I’ve ever had. If you’re looking to drink, ask for vodka in the lemonade, it is an impeccable combination.

Moving onto food, we ordered an array of chicken, salmon, and steak for our main dish. There were 3 tiers of steak- we ordered the middle tier and it was excellent. As for the side dishes: order the truffle mashed potatoes. Whenever truffle is involved, you really can’t go wrong. In a very timely fashion, they brought each of us these little personal grilling stations (see picture) that included 1 of the side dishes we ordered, a plate, tongs for grilling, and assorted sauces. Our waitress patiently showed us how to cook our meat/fish properly, how to marinate it etc.

We proceeded to have a great time grilling and tasting all the different sauce combinations with our food. My personal favorite was the garlic sauce.

What can I say; I’m a sucker for good food mixed with a fun activity. Katr provides a great ambiance and yummy food- it is a guaranteed entertaining meal. I highly recommend trying Katr! As a foodie myself, I am constantly looking for fun restaurants where I can enjoy a quality meal and also an enjoyable atmosphere. What fun restaurants have you found in Prague? Comment below!

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