Brno Christmas starts today!

Brno Christmas will be launched today, 27 November, at 5 pm when the lights of the Christmas tree will be lit up on an official ceremony. Brno Mayor Petr Vokřál and Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle will switch on the lights of the 13-meter high spruce.

In addition to the festive sight, the visitors will enjoy the overall holiday atmosphere which the Christmas Markets create. Traditional smells and flavors, hot drinks and tasty food will bring the real Christmas spirit to the hearts and will be a feast of the senses. All the 62 stalls of the Christmas Market on Náměstí Svobody will work till 21.45 pm.

Brno Christmas atmosphere
Brno Christmas atmosphere

The programme starts at 4 pm with a performance of Rock&Roll Band Marcel Woodman. 15 minutes after the beginning, the V.O.S.A Theatre will take place on the stage. After the official lit up of the Christmas tree lights, Children’s Choir Brno will cheer up the guests. The festive programme will end with a winter outdoor cinema which will start at 6 pm. The organizers promise surprises.

Special porcelain mugs and plastic cups will be sold this year on the Christmas market. You buy them when you get your first drink, for the second they will be replaced with a clean one and so on. The best part is that you can either return the mug or the cup when you leave the market, or keep it as a souvenier! A mug will cost 70 CZK and a plastic cup – 40 CZK. They will replace the disposable plastic cups which were used until now.

Special porcelain mugs
Special porcelain mugs


One of the already known Christmas suprises for this year is that Brno astronomical clock has in store 325 new glass marbles decorated with Christmas motifs!

It will start to release them on this Sunday, 29.11, and it will continue to release the special marbles until 23.12. The good news is that they will appear every hour from 11 am till 23 pm and can be catched from one of the four openings in the monument and taken home as a souvenir.

The special Christmas marbles are created in collaboration with students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of technology.

Christmas glass marbles
Christmas glass marbles

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  1. I just returned from Prague on 11/29/18. I just saw the picture of the 3 blue porcelain coffee cups. Is there any way that I could place an order for these mugs?

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