Become Volunteer in the Czech Republic: Volunteering Programs

If you have just come to the Czech Republic or you have been here for a long time, and now you would like to be a volunteer in a project, there are plenty options that you can see all over the Czech Republic. Experience the Czech Republic with the eye of the local people, and live here more than like a tourist!

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Most of the volunteering programs are located in the capital Prague, however, there are also options in the second biggest city of the Czech Republic, Brno. The number of volunteering options is increasing day by day with the participant demands, and the number of volunteer needs is also growing. Let’s see what are the volunteering options in Prague and also in Brno!

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Volunteering programs in Prague:


This program is for native English speakers to teach English to foreigners or the local people with conversation and activities. The native English speakers help those people who want to improve their English, and enjoy the free hotel accommodation, food, and drink.

English Stay:

Prague Volunteer option is similar to the Angloville one. English stay program offers volunteer opportunities for English speakers to teach Czechs people English while gaining experience in teaching.

JAHODA is a non-profit organization which supports children and families who need help to live better in Prague. There are clubs for children and teenagers, a family center, a nursery school, and street work.


Inexsda is also one of the NGOs which aims to enable people to help where their help is the most needed and to make the contribution beneficial for the volunteers. Inexsda organizes workcamps to find solutions for ecological problems, also work with elder, youth, and child, besides help community development.

Amnesty International:

This organization gives an opportunity to make a difference by writing petition letters, take actions online and defend people’s human rights and other activities. For example; monitoring the international press, translating, undertaking research tasks, participating in online communities, raising funds assisting their human rights educations, supporting human resources and accounting programs, and loaning specialist expertise to an area of their work.

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Homecoming (Cesta Domu):

The homecoming hospice civic association and its members are experts in the area of medicine and work on improving the quality of care for dying people in the Czech Republic. Volunteers (accepted only if they speak Czech at an intermediate level!) need to attend a one-year-training program to learn how to help in several areas including being in client families, the accompany of bereaved relatives, Late Afternoon Club, as well as organizing cultural, educational and beneficial events.

Organization for Help to Refugees (OPU):

OPU offers volunteer opportunities to help refugees via organizing events, campaigns, and translations. Moreover, OPU provides the long-term cooperation, legal assistance, psychological intervention, projects elaboration and direct dialogue.

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Volunteering programs in Brno:

Ratolest Brno:

Ratolest Brno’s goal is to help socially disadvantaged children, young people, and families. The organization provides consultations to people interested in volunteering in social services dedicated to endangered children, seniors, disabled people, or people with mental illness. Ratolest’s volunteers are supported with consultancy, legal assistance, and insurance.


Dobrovolní offers plenty of volunteering opportunities on specific topics. The topics cover culture, environment or human rights providing assistance to homeless people, children, youth, and people with disabilities. Dobrovolní’s platform also gives assistance to the organizations and people to find their own volunteering projects.

On the other side, if you like to have a permanent job in the Czech Republic, instead of volunteering, have a look at our blog to find a job in the Czech Republic, or check the opportunities at!

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25 thoughts on “Become Volunteer in the Czech Republic: Volunteering Programs

  1. Good evening, I have been living in the Czech Republic for sometime and want to volunteer however not sure what I could do. I am from Ireland,

    1. I am a psychologist and volunteer to help Farsi-speaking foreigners in the field of psychology and counseling online and in person in Prague.

  2. Good day!

    Im from Canada and would like to explore a volunteer opportunities in Czech Rep. Can you give me some insight how to proceed?

    1. I would be very glad to ask you for English conversation with my 2 kids (8,11). I would love they speak English well and we do not know any native English speaking person around Prague. We will be very happy you join us sometimes. Thank you Ivana

      1. Hi, I saw your post and I am man 66 from the United States, if you are still looking for English conversation. I and my little dog Karolinka live in Hradec Kralove, and have car. It looks like we will have lot of free time on our hands and we would be willing to share some of this time with you. I like working with young people and Karol likes them too. Write us, David and Karolinka

      2. Ivana, I will be in Prague with my 12 year old for a month this summer; I see that you posted in 2019 so your kids are close to her age. Please feel free to get in touch. We are from New York.

  3. Good day,I am from Philippines and I am willing to work as volunteer,Thank you.

  4. Hello I had wolunteer program in Poland and I’d like to join new expirence in Czch Rep just show me way how can I applay for these program

  5. How can I apply just show me way thank In advance i am willing to be volunteer Thank you

  6. I my work allows me permits me to work in a certified charity organisation for a week and I would love to volunteer. I am 34 years old, born in Ghana grew up in Switzerland, studied and worked in as a Biomedical scientist ind England and now back in Switzerland working for a pharmaceutical firm. I am open to volunteer wherever I can be useful.

    1. Hello Shan,

      Thank you for your comment! As far as I know you should have a clean criminal record in order to get a trade licence in the Czech Republic. For any further questions, please write at and my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Kind regards,

  7. Good day:
    I.m Isabel Bueno, Spanish women. 43 years old.
    I work 16 years in my city Council, in social service. I,m sociocultural animation. I learn social education in distance university.

    I have Plus fort problemes in my country and family for spiritual problemmes and cristhian persecution. They accept not my ideal.

    (Excuse me my english and French lenguage level is basic)

    They give me expulsion in my work whith disciplinary expedient, ils sont plain the false accusations. Have stole the rigths.

    Now i.m in a situation of homelessnes. I have not animosity to work more in my country in private organitation and i have not money.

    But Really i am not problematic women, is just a religious probleme.

    I come to know in Internet your country, i believe is good for my, but i have not economic means to live there.
    I am chiromasseur(no sex).
    And i have experience in hostelery,
    Help in cook and serveus.

    I’d like to have a chance for voluntary work and life, learn czech and search new life.

    Do you can help me?

    Thank You

  8. Hi ,

    I am Priyanka from India. I work while I study in Prague. I wish to volunteer in English , Maths coaching as well as other available offers. Do let me know the options.

  9. Hey, am just fascinated with people’s intrest in volunteering in Czech Republic. I am also. Am an African lady and a high school Teacher ,a 24 year old.
    I have once volunteered in India on my Tourist visa in community engagement back in 2017 now am eyeing Czech Republic. If feels nice to engage with people who are not native speakers of English and new environment…

  10. Hi,
    Iam searching for english native speaker to help with learning my kids.

    1. Hi Dita,
      We don’t provide this service as far as I know, but maybe someone will react to your comment. 🙂 Otherwise, based on where you live, I recommend searching for an English tutor on the internet, especially on Facebook in groups with tutors. There are many people and students online looking to teach.

      Tereza (Foreigners)

  11. Dear Pavla,


    I am coming to Prague with my son and two daughters to volunteer for a month to help with Ukrainian refugees and others.

    We arrive in Prague on July 16th and depart on August 13th. We don’t need any housing, food or anything. We will be living in central Prague.

    We’re coming to help full time for a month.

    Please advise on how best we can help.

    Many thanks.


    David Knight

    David J. Knight
    c 646.879.3091

    1. Hi David!
      That’s amazing that you’re doing this! My advice is to get in touch with some of the local charity orgs that are organising help for the refugees. The main one is definitely Člověk v tísni/People in need ( Contact them and if they can’t use you, they’ll definitely give you tips on where to go or who to call.

      Best and thank you for your help,

  12. Hello
    I’m Anna, I’m from Brazil and I will be in a Gap Year in 2024, so I’m looking for volunteer opportunities to improve my application to a university.

    1. Hi Anna,
      that’s great. Hope you find something great! There are definitely opportunities these days.


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