An Ex-manager of CzechUniversities is Sending Greetings from Asia

The former project manager of CzechUniversities by Zuzana Petrankova decided to take a break from work and travel around South-East Asia in order to discover herself and get new experiences.
Zuzana at
How long did you work at and what positions in?
I worked for for 2 years and a half. First half year I was a Relocation Consultant who helps expats find accommodation and then I switched for the project manager of CzechUniversities.
Can you tell us more about the CzechUniversities project? 
CzechUniversities creates a platform for the common promotion of major Czech universities and offers complex admission assistance for foreigns students who want to study in the Czech Republic. The main focus is the United Arab Emirates and Middle East Region.
What was your role in the project?
I was working with the CzechUniversities from the beginning. I helped to establish cooperation with the universities and its faculties, researched and organized our participation in international study fairs abroad, promoted them and mainly I was in everyday communication with potentials students applying to our partner universities.
Why have you decided to leave your job?
I felt like I needed to move on and get some other experience in my professional career.
What are your hobbies?
 I have many hobbies, for example traveling and sport such as hiking, cycling, squash but also dancing (swing).
Where are you traveling right now?
I am currently at the end of my South-East Asian trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Where the landscapes and the cultures are very different and very interesting. Greetings from Ha Long Bay.
For which reasons did you choose these places? 
I wanted to explore a completely different culture I didn’t come across to yet, do a little break before my new job. These countries have beautiful nature, they are safe for me as a solo traveler and also relatively cheap.
Angkor Vat
Volunteering in Cambodia – Kratie Dolphin School of English
Volunteering in Cambodia – Kratie Dolphin School of English
Koh Rong Samloem

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  1. Great job, Ms Zuzana… Hope you journey would be fine and safe. This is your opportunity to know the world better and to know yourself also. If you have nay plan in India, I would be happy to host you.

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