8 Packing Tips to Salvage Your Day in Czechia!

You have found a great job or you have been accepted to study in the Czech Republic, each paperwork has been done perfectly, and what it’s left to pack your luggage and wait for your flight! However, it is also a formidable issue to decide what to bring. But don’t be afraid, it’s not harder than the paperwork! Here are the packing tips that can save your life!

Welcome winter with your warm clothes!

Winter is coming!

The winter time is tough in the Czech Republic, so if you are gonna stay in the Czech Republic during this season be sure you have a proper coat or jacket to keep you warm in those freezing days. Additionally to a jacket, you may appreciate warm underwear and boots as well!

Don’t forget your socket adapter!

Socket Adapter

The wall sockets and plugins are different in the Czech Republic than several different countries such as the UK, therefore you need to bring an adapter and converter with you. It is useful to bring your own extension cord, in case you need more than one socket.

Put some medicine which in case you would need.


Don’t forget your prescribed medicine to bring with you! It could be difficult and take time to get the same medicine here. Also, if you have an allergy problem you need to prepare your precautions. A package of vitamins and flu medications would be helpful, too. On the other hand, we assure that fresh Czech air will heal you!

Moisturisers will be helpful for you.

Cosmetics/ Toiletries

If there are some cosmetics that you are used to using and don’t want to change for a different brand buy some more of the familiar cosmetics until you find one to substitute. Besides, bring your toothbrush and toothpaste so you don’t have to hurry to a store immediately after your arrival!

You will need a couple of books to read during your stay!

Don’t Forget to Bring Books!

If you are going to a country which you have no idea about the language, you definitely have to bring books, more books written in your mother tongue! You can read them during your journeys and in a free time. Until you discover the city where you are going to live in and find a library to borrow books, you can read what you have taken with you!

Grab your own basic tableware!

Basic Kitchen Items

Some kitchen items can be helpful to cook basic meals and save your money until you find a good restaurant! A small mug for a coffee, a bowl and spoon for soup, a cooking pot and pan could be enough for you. Some accommodation provides kitchen facilities and dishes, however still those items may handy at least at the very beginning! Here you can have a look at some of the accommodation options in the Czech Republic!

Take out your snacks and eat, when you feel hungry during your journey!


Bring your favorite snacks to save your first days in a new country! After your (long) journey to the Czech Republic, you may be tired and hungry. Instead of searching for a restaurant, you can grab your own food and enjoy your snacks! Besides, It would be hard to stay and eat somewhere when you have to carry your luggage with you.

Light your road with your flashlight when it’s too dark!


You can say what you are going to do with a flashlight, but here is the reason: If you like to see some suburban areas of the Czech Republic, you will exactly need one! Because when you go for a trip to the villages and forest in the evening or at night there will be no light in the streets, so the flashlight will lighten your road!

*Don’t forget to check your necessary documents – papers that you will need when you arrive in the Czech Republic! If you are coming to Brno, find out what you should know before your arrival!

You will probably need a large and durable luggage to fit all your necessary stuff. Be careful while manipulating. More power to your elbow, and have a safe journey!

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