10 Types of Expat

Every expat has an interesting story, a variety of reasons behind why they decided to live abroad. In 2015 Expat Insider, there was a survey about expats, and according to similarity of responses with certain trends among them, we have 10 types of expats. Let’s see what these types are.

#1 The Foreign Assignee

According to the research, the population of the foreign assignee among expats is 16%. They are the people who are sent to foreign countries by their employers. The company arranges everything for the movers, and pays for the entire relocation. 62% are in relationship, working average 46.4 hours per week. More than 70% of assignees are satisfied with the job and their financial situation. The typical countries of residence are Russia, Kenya, Brazil, Poland, and Romania.

The Foreign Assignee
The Foreign Assignee

#2 The career expat

The population of the career expats is 9%. They find jobs in foreign countries on their own. 59% of the career expats have improved their income by relocation. 55% are in relationship, working average 43.6 hours. 51% speak the local language only a little or not at all. And 46% have mostly expat friends. The typical countries of residence are Bahrain, Belgium, Kenya, Luxembourg, and Oman.

#3 The foreign recruitee

This group consists of 6% of expat population, including the people who are recruited by the local employers. They work average 44.9 hours per week. 61% have improved their income by relocating. 54% speak the local language only a little or not at all. And the typical countries of residence are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain.

#4 The (ex-)student

They take courses at a foreign university, or do a study abroad program, and just never leave. The population of this group is 6%, among of them, 32% are still enrolled as students while the remaining 68% stayed abroad after graduating. 32% are in relationship with someone from another country. 49% speak the local language very well, and 14% speak five or more languages together. Typical countries of residence are USA, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, France.

#5 The traveling spouse

They give up his or her career to move abroad when their partner is offered a better job or a better opportunity in a foreign country. About 9% of expats are in this group, 86% of them are female. 39% work part-time, 34% are raising children abroad. The typical countries of residence of this group are Singapore, Luxembourg, Kenya, Hong Kong.

#6 The romantic

They move to foreign countries for love. The percentage of population of this group is 9%. Among them, 26% work part-time, 41% are financially worse off after moving abroad and 53% are worried about their future finances. And 46% are planning to stay forever. Typical countries of residence are Greece, Finland, Peru, Sweden, New Zealand.

The romantic
The romantic

#7 The family expat

They move to another country for family reasons. This group takes 6% of the expat population. 32% are financially worse off after moving abroad and 48% are worried about their future finances. 33% are not satisfied with the life abroad, 41% can speak local language very well, 37% have been living abroad for over 10 years. The typical countries of residence are Cyprus, Greece, New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden.

Family expat
Family expat

#8 The dream destination expat

They always wanted to live in this particular country. This group takes 7% of the expat population. 75% of them find it easy to get used to the local culture, 45% are planning to stay abroad forever, 36% meet new people in their local neighborhood, and 16% have joined local clubs or associations. Typical countries of residence are Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand, Greece.

#9 The greener pastures expat

They move to another country for a better quality of life. This group is 21% of the expat population. Among them, 16% are entrepreneur/business owners, 12% are self-employed professionals or freelancers. Typical countries of residence are Costa Rica, Israel, Ecuador, Panama.

#10 The adventurer

Taking 12% of the expat population, they are the ones who are searching for an adventures or a personal challenges. 22% of them are planning to stay abroad for 1-3 years, 32% stay abroad for the first time, 36% speak local language just a little, 51% are especially happy with their travel opportunities. Typical countries of residence are Ecuador, Ireland, China, Kazakhstan, and United Kingdoms.

The adventurer
The adventurer

Whichever the reasons behind, Foreigners.cz always does the best to help expats set up their life and make it easier. If you are worried about relocating or immigration process stop now, we are here to help you all the time! Stay abroad with us and really involve yourself in new culture, you will always see something new!



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