Did you know that when renting an apartment with us, you get VIP services for 12 months for free?

The quick version: How to become a VIP:

Being very important is nice, but always comes with a price. But not with – rent a flat and be VIP for free! Normally costing thousands a year, but with a flat you’re in the clear. What is VIP service you ask? Listing it all is quite the task… Czech-only officials look mean? Act sour? Free assistance for an hour! You can also write or call; we’ll answer your questions for no cost at all! Our parties/events will also be cheap, come meet new people, who needs to sleep? You’ll get a discount with immigration; quicker visa and less frustration. Do you have problems you can’t approach? We’ll throw in one hour with a personal coach! There’s no need for hesitation, below you’ll find more structured information. VIP is the cool minority, and we’ll always give you priority.

The detailed version:

As you probably know by now offers a variety of service. We help you: find accommodation and arrange all the details and paperwork; get a visa and go to the foreign police with you or even for you; meet other foreigners in Prague; open a bank account; get a phone number; set up internet; get a driving licence; get insurance; and the list goes on and on.

It is common that someone needs several or even all of these services which is why we have a VIP Service Package that makes all of these services cheaper. The package that usually costs 1,000 CZK + VAT (21%) a month is offered for special discount until the end of 2014 – a monthly 800 CZK + VAT for corporate clients or adults and 600 CZK + VAT for students.

But if you get an apartment through us then you get this package for free! The 1 year package includes a lot of perks! At the top of the list is the 1-hour personal assistance. What does that mean? If you need help going to the foreign police office, a ministry, the doctor, anything – we will send someone with you to interpret and make your life easier if only just for an hour.

Of course we also assist you any time over the phone or email. Whether you have a problem communicating with your landlord, don’t understand how to pay for utilities or any other problem you may have.

Also as a VIP client we will remind you before your rental contract’s expiration and discuss your options of prolonging or finding a new flat. You will also get a discount to our events as well as our services including immigration.

Finally you will get a free 1- hour personal couching session. VIP clients are always our priority and the great part is it’s free if you just rent a flat through us.

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