The Pub – the Perks and Dangers of Pouring Your Own Beer

Do you hate waiting to be brought your beer? Do you hate when you get too much foam? Or too little? Are you ever tempted to just go behind the bar and just get it yourself? All your problems can be fixed with a trip to The Pub. I don’t mean the pub down the road, I mean The Pub.

In seventeen cities in five European countries, The Pub lets you to pour your own beer right at the table. The best part? You compete with beer drinkers at other tables in the pub, the entire city and in all of Europe! The competition gets the best of everyone. Even people who generally stop at one beer end up pouring more.

Every beer poured appears immediately on the projection boards around the restaurant and pushes your table forward. Everyone is constantly nudging their friends to top off their beers – some friendly advice, don’t come here on a work night. Everyone at the table has their own number; there are a total of 10 so everyone can keep track of their own tab.

Each half liter of unpasteurized Pilsner costs 42CZK, unless you come before 18:00 – happy hour has 34CZK beers! They have food too! Pub food that’s on the fancy side, snacks and shots can be ordered on the touch screen at each table. You can also pay 5CZK for every song that you play on the juke box, which you can order on the touch screen along with food and everything else. The most The Pubs are located in Prague.

My most recent visit was to the one in Prague 6. The place looks brand new and the entire venue and beer tap is spotless and shiny. It has however been open for more than 4 years and is most busy on Fridays. Their current special is a selection of three burgers with fries for 99CZK on weekends! The classic beef burger that I had today was great – the caramelized onions were a great touch. They also offer an onion burger that has an onion ring in it and blue cheese.

The staff and owner are friendly and laid back. The Pub in Prague 6 has a non-smoking saloon that sits 45 and has a private bathroom entrance. There is a projector can be rented out for private events which can be great for work parties. I definitely recommend a visit, but beware – pouring a beer is not as easy as it seems. After the first foam-filled cup you are sure to improve.

Worse than a foam apocalypse is the danger of the glass cleaner – there are two at every table. If you flip your glass over and press it down over the nozzle, a powerful burst of water will squirt upwards rinsing the glass. Every newcomer insists on being a prankster and spraying water on everything in a three meter radius. It’s funny once; maybe twice. Anymore and you should expect threats from other guests and eventually the staff.

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