How to Use Instagram to Plan a Trip in the Czech Republic

Instagram is familiar to all of us, right? This photo and video-sharing social network gives a great opportunity to stay in touch with your relatives living abroad, share your memories, meet new people, get inspired, make your followers jealous… and even plan your future trip!


Here is how to do so:


1) Hashtag

Whether to have more likes on your pictures, our good old friend called hashtag is more useful than expected. Hashtags are a way to categorize cities, countries, interests, food and plenty of other things! Let’s say that you’re interested in travelling in Europe but you don’t know which country yet. Look it up with the hashtag #Europe, scroll the feed and wow, a beautiful bridge in a romantic city catches your eyes! Is that where you want to be? Let’s say that with further searches on the profile, you find out the geotag which shows Prague! Then, upon further digging, you can continue to explore by checking #czechrepublic, #prague, #praha, #instaprague and so much more!




2) Location

Geotag on Instagram is one of the best tools there – it allows you to add the location of where the pictures have been taken. Let’s say you’re scrolling your feed and you find a beautiful picture of a graffiti wall with a big John Lennon’s face graffiti. Where is it?? Lucky you, the geotag says that the place is called John Lennon Wall, you can click on it and see all the other pictures took there and continue to seek for new places!


3) Travelers, Bloggers, Locals

Third tips of our list: follow travel bloggers, travelers or locals to get inspired! Just with the hashtag #travel you will find out million and million of accounts. Be curious, explore their account, find new destinations. My suggestions for Prague go to: @praguetoday, @tasteofprague, @pragueworld and @praguestagirl and for Brno: @brnodaily and @brnolife . Feel free to give yours 🙂




4) Tourism boards

There are special accounts dedicated to tourism industry.The Czech Republic also shares tips and advice what  places to see. About Prague and the country, you should follow @cityofprague and @visitcz! If you’re interested in Brno, you can follow the beautiful account @brnomycity.



5) Get social 🙂

Last tip of our list, keep in mind: Instagram is above all a social network which is meant to SOCIALIZE! Don’t hesitate to comment under the picture if you need more information or write a private message to receive more details and tips, you never know who could offer you a helping hand!


Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and feel free to contact us for  our suggestions of a perfect stay in Prague or in Brno!   

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Happy travels!



Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

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