Relocating with Kids

Temporary isn’t an option

Let’s be honest, relocation is quite a stressful process. One thing is when it’s just you that needs to be taken care of. A different story is, when it’s your family relocating. Instead of one person, you’ll be taking care of your significant other and your lovely child (children). These circumstances change the concept of relocating. You no longer can hang out on your friend’s couch until you find a proper place to live. Temporary solutions are simply not an option, and what seems to be acceptable for you, might not suit your partner and kids.

Make new friends
Make new friends (

In this article we would like to share a few secrets how to go through relocation process smoothly and live happily in your new home.

Let them participate

The first rule is to involve your children in the process of moving. Talk to your kids, explain things to them, discuss all the new opportunities and possible struggles awaiting at the new destination. Show them the pictures of the new home, their new school, maybe even make a fun, entertaining presentation about the country of your new residence. We won’t even mention the obvious, like deciding what to bring to the new place, helping them pack and choosing the new furniture for their room.

Make them feel at home

Studies show, what kids miss the most about their old home are their friends, familiar places to go and the home (house/apartment) itself. So your goal here is to help them feel at home again. This can be achieved by involving your kids in sports and social events, to help them make new friends. Show them around, make them familiar with your new place of residence. Develop certain habits, everyday routines and activities.

Family packing
Family packing (

The only support

Be opened, do not cut off, if your child starts a conversation about how he misses home. Be understanding and empathetic. Talk over their fears and concerns, remember, you are the one and only support your kids have.

Let the professionals do the job

A smart solution is to take care of all the necessities in advance: finding a place to live is a must. Take care of health insurance for all family members, insurance companies mostly offer convenient family packages. Do some research on the nearest daycare centers/schools. And keep in mind, that team is always there for you, willing to help any time! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


Annie Fed