Cannabis in Prague

The legal status of marijuana is a question that a foreigner may ask after arriving in Prague. Why? Because if you walk around the city you see many mini markets with the marijuana logo. There, supposedly, you can find weed included in the goods.

The Czech Republic, located in central Europe, is still getting a grasp on its newly minted medical marijuana law which was passed in early 2013. Indeed, marijuana can reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, improve appetite of people with HIV/AIDS, and also decrease chronic pain and muscle spasms.

There is also widespread decriminalization of cannabis in which Czech citizens are allowed to grow up to five plants or be in possession of certain amounts of cannabis without fear of being criminally prosecuted.

Prague as the “New Amsterdam”?

No, marijuana is by no means legal in Prague. But if you come to the capital of Czechia you can see that weed is available and easy to buy. Some places, bars, and clubs are famous for being marijuana friendly.

There are also a tons of grow shops located in Prague (over 200), with the marijuana logo, there are usually cannabis seeds and grow processes. So you can buy legal cannabis in many formas, such as alcohol with or without absinth, cakes, chocolate or lollipops. You just never know if it’s real or made from something else.

Don’t be surprised by this particularity of the Czech capital, then!



Clement Thonneau

Clement Thonneau

Thanks to my studies I was able to travel, especially in Brazil where I learnt that the integration in a country passes by all the small information collected. That's why I take care to help you in your life in Prague through my publications. So, enjoy!

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