Vinohrady area, which covers Prague 2, 3 and 10, was originally known as the royal vineyards (vino=wine) during years 1867 to 1968. Nowadays, this beautiful, mainly residential quarter is a place where you find the most of Prague’s art nouveau architecture (and the highest concentration of expats per square meter). Colorful buildings’ facades, each different in its beauty, are itself a good enough reason to visit this part of Prague. Besides that, as a bonus, Vinohrady district offers a bunch of other interesting attractions.

St.Ludmila's Church at Namesti miru in Prague
St.Ludmila’s Church at Namesti miru in Prague

Church of St.Ludmila

This magnificent Gothic church, located in the square of Peace (náměstí Míru), was built between 1883-1893. St.Ludmila’s church is formed by two majestic towers that resemble two hands clasped in prayer and can not be overlooked. Exterior of the church draws attention thanks to its size, interior is impressive thanks to wonderful paintings, ornaments and frescoes. Stained glass windows with figures of saints are also captivating.

vinohrady theatre
Vinohrady theatre

Vinohrady Theatre

Just a few steps away from St.Ludmila’s cathedral, Vinohrady theatre has became the perfect spot for premiers of dramatic performances in Prague. First opened in 1907, after just two years of construction works, theatre was designed by Czech architect Jan Alois Čenský. Building’s facade is decorated with allegorical statues depicting Courage (sword) and Truth (with a mirror), each is 8 m high and weighs 18 tons! However, so that the originals can be better preserved for future generations, statues on the facade are copies produced in 1996. First ever premiere took place on the 24th of November 1907, ever since Vinohrady theatre hosted a series of theatrical performances, cultural events and musical performances.

Grebovka park in Prague
Grebovka park in Prague

Grébovka park

This green hilly park not only offers a beautiful view of Prague, but also a pleasant chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. There is a vineyard located in the park, where you can taste delicious local wines. However, the main attraction of the park is Gröbova villa from the 19th century, former headquarters of the Prague’s entrepreneur Moritz Gröbe. Another sight worth seeing is the Pavilion, also from the 19th century, which was built on the proposal of a famous Czech architect Josef Schulz.

Riegrovy sady
Riegrovy sady

Riegrovy Sady

Riegrovy sady is a huge green area / park in Vinohrady named after 19th-century Czech politician František Ladislav Rieger. Riegrovy sady is a  favourite spot of all expats and locals in spring and summer months especially. Take your dog for a walk, bring your kids over or have a picnic with friends – there are plenty of options! In the middle of the park you will find a large outdoor beer garden with TV screens, where you can enjoy sports live over a glass of beer.

Apartments in Vinohrady

Beautiful district of Vinohrady is the most popular residential area in Prague. Apartments situated in art nouveau buildings with high ceilings and impressive views attract attention of all Prague newcomers. Be inspired by featured Vinohrady apartments, you can find more in rental database.

Apartment in Vinohrady
1-bedroom in Varšavská, 27 400 CZK
Apartment in Vinohrady
1-bedroom Na Kozačce, 26 000 CZK
Apartment in Vinohrady
2-bedroom Slezská, 28 000 CZK

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