Truth about your Landlord

Who is your Landlord?

The official definition of the word Landlord states, that a landlord is the owner of the house, apartment or other real estate, which is rented or leased to another individual (tenant). In case you’re renting out the apartment or a house directly from the owner, you’ll probably meet him/her at least once, when you sign the lease agreement. If you choose to rent through real estate agency, you most probably will not be in direct contact with the landlord as everything will be sorted out through real estate agent. For instance, is a certain mediator between the landlord and yourself, watching your back and helping to deal with any situations there occur. Which is a great benefit, considering most landlords are not English-speaking and will struggle with lease agreement translation and explaining the lease conditions to you.

Why become a Landlord?

So how one becomes a landlord? Simply by investing a certain amount of money into property. Let’s say, you already have a place to live in, however, your stable source of income allows you to get a mortgage and purchase another apartment, which you’ll further rent out. Such investment guarantees a profitable return and secures your future.

truth about landlord. Who is landlord?

How to reach your Landlord?

Contact details of the lanlord will be stated in the lease agreement. In some cases, your landlord might currently live abroad, so the only way to reach him/her will be through email or Skype. And what if your landlord lives in the Czech Republic but does not speak English? Things will be much easier, if you have an apartment from, as we act as your personal assistant / interpretor.

What if there is a problem with your Landlord?

You and your landlord might be both speaking English, however, when the problem occurs, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement. Let’s say, you move into the apartment and after a week of carefree living you discover mold on one of the walls. You may think, it’s the landlords responsibility to fix it, but the landlord refuses to pay for the repair. Or you need your landlord to sign Proof of accommodation, but he/she is not willing to grant you this confirmation. In tricky situations, it pays off to have reliable back-up. relocation consultants will make sure to solve the matter to mutual satisfaction of both sides. We always search for WIN-WIN solution: client WINs, landlord WINs.

Annie Fed

3 thoughts on “Truth about your Landlord

  1. so , when i started to rent back in october there was no bill so far for RWE, after few month monthly payments of 1500CZK started plus a Bill of 12900CZK that I nedd to pay now !

    According to RWE is high consumption between october and Feb !

    In this tricky situations, I need to use my reliable back-up from !

  2. Hi Pablo, sad to hear such thing happened. Unfortunately, this is not an exception 🙁
    It’s easy to check though – there should be an electricity meter in the apartment. When the apartment was handed over to you, the current state of electricity meter should have been written down. So you can check, what’s the state now and how high your consumption truly was.
    Or contact, we’ll be happy to help!

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