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One of the services that provides is translations. Czech ministries, schools, employers and landlords like having all your documents in Czech. So we frequently get translation inquiries.

Here are some things you should know about translations:

Until a translator sees the document that they are translating, it is hard to get the final price out of them. This is because translations are priced per standard page. A standard page has 1,800 characters including spaces written in a universally accepted standard font – for example Times New Roman size 12. Documents can sometimes have small print or use a different font, making translators hesitant to make promises.

In the Czech Republic the most common, quickest and cheapest translations are between Czech and English. Next in line are other commonly spoken languages such as German, Russian, Ukrainian and French. It becomes exponentially harder with languages such Italian for example. Less common means more expensive and you can expect it to take longer too. Translating from a foreign language into a foreign language is a whole different story.

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In order to be a translator in the Czech Republic, especially a certified one, you need to prove that you can translate into Czech. Fluency in Czech is not very common for non-Czech nationals. So no matter how many or which languages a translator speaks, you can assume them to be Czech.

This means any other language is a foreign language and translations between two foreign languages are much more expensive. Sometimes they even translate it from one foreign language into Czech and then from Czech into the other foreign language. This is why you’ll hear sighs and see worried faces when you ask for these complicated translations. But if you have time, patience and are prepared to pay the requested fees – nothing is impossible!

You can contact us at and check out the prices on our website if you are looking for a translation or interpreter.

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