Start Your Day with Yoga: an Interview with Yoga Teacher Anežka Knotková

As all of you know, sport is a very important part of everyday life. But what if you find yourself struggling in a gym and not getting proper results? Or back in primary or secondary school you just hated everything that has to do with throwing a ball, scoring a goal or running? In this case the right answer for you is yoga: an effective and pleasant way to keep your body in shape and even reach your inner peace and harmony. Let’s talk to the yoga instructor Anežka Knotková from Dance AKA studio in Brno to find out more about how yoga can influence your life and what Anežka has been dealing with during her yoga journey.


Photo source: Anežka’s archive

So, Anežka, how long have you been practicing yoga? Have you ever tried any other sports or physical activities?

I started doing yoga when I was fifteen years old. I was dancing at the time and needed some extra stretch for my body, that is why yoga turned out to be a perfect activity for that. Yoga opened a whole new world for me: in my twenties I started doing it on daily basis. When I was 23 I flew to Crete to work as a fitness instructor and finished there a course named “Yoga plus”, which went on for three months. In the end of this course I got a certificate. I also lived in Spain for a while, but then I decided to return to the Czech Republic and start working with English speakers. Apart from yoga, I do tap dance, contemporary and exercises for abs.

You also provide yoga classes in Domeq, the residential house for foreigners. What do you like about Domeq? Do you enjoy doing yoga with expats?

Of course I do! As I mentioned before, I was a foreigner myself and I know what they are going through. Expats are very special: they have so much energy and always strive for something new. And Domeq… Well, this is a new, fresh building with a wonderful terrace – I mean, what’s not to like? I totally enjoy working there!

Photo source: Anežka’s archive

What has yoga done for you as a person? How did it change your life?

One of the things that yoga brought into my life is the connection between body and mind. However, I’m not a yoga fanatic and don’t use it as a religion. For me that is a right position: not setting religious boundaries too strongly.

Apart from yoga, you also practice step and contemporary dance as you said. What else do you like doing?

I love redoing my clothes and bring a new life into them! I find this process very special. Also I like sewing, singing, painting… There are a lot of things I enjoy.

Wow, you’re such a talented person! That’s so inspiring! Now tell us please a little bit about teaching. How long have you been teaching? What is your favourite thing about it?

I have been teaching for 10 years. It all started at my tap classes: I was creating dance routine for shows and championships. And my favourite thing about teaching…. I personally can’t imagine a good class without laughter. If my students don’t laugh, I don’t feel that I accomplished something as a teacher. So, for me it is very important to see smiles at lectures.

Photo source: Anežka’s archive

Do you prefer large groups, small groups or one-to-one sessions?

It doesn’t matter! Every kind of group has its specialities: for example, in big groups it’s energy, and in one-to-one sessions I can concentrate on focus, quality and connection with a student.

On your opinion, what qualities make a good teacher?

I think, a good teacher is supposed to be open-minded, always listen to their students and be able to admit that sometimes they could be wrong. Also, a good teacher has to lift people up, to give only positive vibes, because you’re responsible for these people and you can’t let them down.

Thank you very much for your answers, Anežka. And last but not the least: why should people do yoga? How many sessions a week is enough?

Yoga is a timeless and wonderful way to free your mind and stretch your muscles. Morning sessions are the best: your brain is filling with oxygen, your body and mind are refreshed and ready to step to a new day. You can start with two days a week and them turn it into a daily routine. Yoga is like brushing your teeth: ideally you should do it every day.

Photo source: Anežka’s archive

Yoga sessions with Anežka will start November 7 at 7:00 at Domeq lobby. There will be two sessions each week, on Wednesday and Friday. Book the morning class and start a new day with yoga and wonderful teacher! Members of Foreigners team attend Anežka’s classes as well and strongly recommend you to try. 

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