Long-term Visa: Why Is It Convenient to Apply for Longer Health Insurance?

Do you want to move to the Czech Republic and are you considering a long-term visa? Then health insurance longer than 1 year is more convenient for you.

When you are applying for a visa in the Czech Republic, remember it will probably take between 2 and 3 months or even longer to get it. The official time limit to get your visa is 90 days stated by the Czech immigration law. Nevertheless, it might happen that the embassy will exceed this limit. Therefore, it is better for you to apply for longer health insurance (1 year and 2-3 months or longer). Why?



Let’s imagine the following situation:

For any expat: You apply for your visa in May 2019. Then it takes between 2 and 3 months to get your visa (you have it your hands in July-August 2019). If you have your health insurance arranged only for 1 year, then the visa is valid for less than 1 year (till May 2020 only). Therefore, it is recommended to apply for your health insurance for 1 year and 2-3 months long (from May 2019 to July-August 2020) so the validity of your visa is really 1 year (from August 2019 to August 2020, for example).

Students: What about if you want to study in the Czech Republic? How do you need to proceed? Firstly, you need to have your confirmation of study which you get in September (start of the school semester in the Czech Republic). Then your visa is valid from September till August, 31 (your visa is valid for 1 year). After 1 year of your visa, you need to apply for your long-term residence. So, again, it is better for you to get longer health insurance – just like we described at the section for any expat above.

Moreover, bear in mind when you are applying for an employee card and EU Blue Card at Ukraine, Russian and Polish Embassy that you need to present your long-term visa.

If you want to get your health insurance you can contact Foreigners and we will arrange it for you in the cooperation with the Slavia insurance company. Slavia offers health insurance for any amount of months you want, for ex. 15, 18 or 24 months (you pay extra money depending on the number of the months).

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Veronika Tomková

Veronika Tomková

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